Operation of the printer No printer can not do any office or home.Printers there is a wide variety: from the "ancient" matrix "monsters" to the ultra-modern high-speed laser.Operation any printer should be done correctly.

most common printers fail mechanical components and parts.Due to these faults, above all, contempt for the rules of operation of the printer.So keep in mind the cardinal rule: user - it is not just "a piece of paper."

The instructions to the printer manufacturer has already described and the procedure for setting up the printer, and how to replace ink cartridges, and quality requirements of consumables.Operation of the printer according to the instructions violates the terms of the guarantee in case of a breakdown service center may refuse to perform the warranty.

For home use the most commonly used inkjet printers .Current models of these printers can achieve a very high quality print images and text.

Printing inkjet printers performed liquid ink applied to the paper through a special nozzle.Prolonged

simple printer nozzles may dry up, then it is difficult to restore print quality.Therefore recommended at least every 1-2 weeks to print small text and image in order to avoid drying printhead.

In inkjet printers, which print cartridge and ink tanks are divided, you can simply replace the ink tank, without having to replace the entire cartridge.It is very convenient, since the ink tanks are cheaper.

Add the stock and the ink can be self-refilling ink tanks, but this operation requires extreme accuracy and precision, so to make it better for experienced users or the service center.

menu of each ink-jet printer has a special option maintenance.With these options, you can clean the nozzles from clogging, clean the paper feed rollers of the paint residues.Use these options are recommended as needed.

inkjet printers have a special maintenance tank - the so-called "diaper."When this "diaper" is full, it is required to release and software "reset."To carry out these operations are best in the service center, as amateur in such a case can damage the printer.

addition, service center, it is desirable to go and see on a regular basis for checkups printer .Experts will examine the inside of the printer and, if necessary, clean it from dirt and dust, oil smazhut mechanical transmission.

for the safe operation of any other inkjet printer print only on paper, Manufacturer .Too thin or too thick paper may damage the mechanism of ADF.It can also cause damage and crumpled paper, so it is better not to print use.

Laser printers are also quite popular in the home, but more often are used in different offices.Printing with laser printers is done with a special powder - toner.Under the influence of high temperature, the powder is sintered and the drum is transferred to the paper surface.

Therefore the operation of laser printers, it is important to remember that Print strictly prohibited to use paper that is already printed text or picture because under high temperature and melted ink can damage the printer.

toner cartridge refilling should be done only in specialized centers.Improper installation can result in damage to the printer.As in the case of inkjet printers, laser printers should regularly inspect the specialist, if necessary, to spend time cleaning or replacing parts of the printer.

Thus, correct operation of the printer serves as a guarantee of its quality and long work!

Operation of the printer