Which is better: a tablet or a laptop? In pursuit of fashionable novelties is not always possible to quickly figure out what it would cost the average user to buy: a laptop or tablet.What should be preferred, because at any moment may be needed and that, and another.Soviet country will tell you, that better tablet or laptop .

Of course, many would argue that originally a real choice between what to buy: a tablet or laptop - no .These two devices are so different that it is necessary in advance to determine exactly what it is you need your new acquisition.So let's see, what's the difference between a tablet and a laptop.

notebook has a lot of different functions which are absolutely not available on the tablet .For example, on a laptop, you can work with any programs available to you, but the tablet is useful for working with documents.But this is only the surface, why should more fully understand what is better: a tablet or laptop.

Advantages tablet

Let's start comparing the tablet and laptop with their applications. tablet is perfect as an e-reader .Suffice it to the big screen and an incredibly long battery life on a single charge will provide you reading your favorite book on a long 10 hours.Yes, and turn on the tablet is incredibly fast.After the press of a button you have a couple of seconds you can go online or watch a movie.

Such performance tablets caused only by the fact that they are working on systems designed specifically for tablets, for example, Apple iOS and Google Android .If you take the same tablet with Windows 7, its performance leaves much to be desired.Therefore, choose the right tablet.

During the meeting a great laptop does not want to include, so rapid access to the information you provide is tablet .Also do not forget that the tablet is great not only for work but also for entertainment.Watching a movie on the tablet will make your long trip not so boring.

Speaking of trips to the plates is to talk separately. The tablet can upload a large amount of information you need: dictionaries, guides, maps .And support for Wi-Fi and 3G makes it just irreplaceable.Even if the tablet will fall with him in principle, nothing will happen.The plates are much easier to carry a variety of fall.All that you may need - is to reboot.Can you imagine what will happen after the fall of the laptop?

Advantages laptop

And now it's still worth to show why tablet notebook worse.The first and most important - is the absence of a normal keyboard , where you will very quickly be able to dial or edit any text.Yes, the tablet has a touch-screen keyboard, but for many it does not seem very comfortable.In addition to this keyboard is quite difficult to get used to.

Plates, unlike laptops, not suitable for complex contracts .Simple office software, of course, available on the tablet, but if you need something more powerful, with such tasks tablet can not cope.Editor images, video or audio is not available on the tablet, so to run any special software you still need to use a laptop.The more that power and performance notebook always greater than tablets.

Some inexpensive plates No of USB-ports for flash drives, or very few of them .As a result, it turns out that you can not browse the information created and stored, for example, on another plate.

Also do not forget that access to the Internet may be your headache.The fact that most sites presently not optimized for viewing the plates .

As you can see, tablet and the laptop can not be put in one row and choose between them something better .These are two completely different devices, which are focused on different problems.The plate is designed to ensure that at any time you can watch a movie, read a book, go on the Internet and listen to music, t. E. For entertainment.The tablet is specially made so that you can always take it with you.

laptop - it's not just all of the above functions.Notebook You can also use for any purpose: work, play, view movies, internet access.Which is better: a tablet or laptop - can not say definitely. best to have something, and another .

Which is better: a tablet or a laptop?