connect your webcam

Webcams - small portable device that received just the same with the release of the enormous prevalence of Internet applications programs to be conducted not only conversation, but live communication.Although, lately, "Webcam" lost some of its popularity with the release of today's smartphones, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices that have built-in cameras, they are still relevant, especially for the owners of personal computers.

Of course, those who bought this miracle of technology, first of all be wondering how to connect a Web camera to your computer?Nothing complicated about it, and therefore try to help you solve this little problem.

Connecting the WebCam to your PC

connection procedure is very simple.Let's look at it in order:

  1. Insert the USB cable from the web camera into the slot on your computer or laptop.On the PC, it is usually behind the case, or the front, it is not exactly confuse with anything else;
  2. Once the camera is connected to the lower-right corner of the desktop
    (where the time), the operating system must determine the type of device.Doing nothing is not necessary, this is done automatically;
  3. Once it has determined the window will come out with a proposal to install the drivers.Insert the installation disc that comes with the device into the drive and select the automatic installation;
  4. Wait until Install the drivers, at the end click on "OK";
  5. on disk, often in addition to the driver, there are support programs for viewing images.We recommend to install them, but not necessarily;
  6. Now you can go to "My Computer", below your system disk icon will appear with a new device, a web-cam.You can open it and enjoy themselves in the monitor.

connect your webcam

How to connect a Web camera to your computer without the installation disc?

No installation disc from the device?No problem.You're reading this article, then you are connected to the Internet and the global network - our all.

  1. Before installing the equipment, check the name of the digital camera.If you do not have the box and from it, you simply connect to the computer.In the lower right corner of the device will be a model that the operating system will detect automatically;
  2. Go to any search engine (Google, Yandex, Rambler, Yahoo) and write in the input line "drivers ****** (under * - refers to the name of the model);
  3. downloading the driver, put them on your desktop and connect (if not already done so) Web camera to your PC;
  4. Windows will determine the availability of drivers, so all you need from you - choose the automatic installation and click OK;
  5. In all other respects identical to the above instructions for connecting the webcam.

You probably bought a webcam to chat on the Internet.Despite the fact that all the drivers are downloaded, the camera is safely installed and the system is defined, that is not all.You need to download a program that will allow you to appear in all its glory before the party's future dialogue.

most popular and most simple program to talk on the Internet - is Skype, which you can download free.Moreover, it is recommended to download it on the official website, it's free, and the program will have all the necessary updates, and you do not get a ton on your computer of viruses.

connect your webcam

Once downloaded Skype, register an account in it, following the advice of the program.You can even add friends to your contact list, check the quality of audio and video.It's enough to call one of the contacts that you present by default.It is called Echo \ Sound Test Service.

Once check the quality of communication, we can safely add friends and acquaintances, and to please them with his presence on the monitors.