How to clean your computer from dust Every computer comes a time when it is turned on when you hear a loud buzzing .Do not panic and do not knock on the system unit, a time has come to reveal the very buzzing box and clean your computer from dust .

in the system unit (the big box with wires) gradually accumulate dust that envelops the cables (wire), radiators and fans.This reduces the cooling and increase fire .The temperature processor may reach 90 ° C, and normally 30-6090 ° C, depending on the model.Before cleaning, check the temperature of your processor, video card and hard disk.After cleaning, it must be significantly reduced.Without the necessary cooling the computer will automatically reboot continuously or not included at all.

To clean your computer from dust, you will need:

  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • brush with soft bristles;
  • rubber gloves if desired;
  • pair of skilled hands;
  • accuracy.

To clean your computer from dust, you will need to remove the left system cover .Before disassembling the system unit, disc

onnect it from the mains: pull the plug out of the socket or switch off the power to the portable outlet and the system unit.Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws on the left side cover, gently push it to the back of the chassis and remove.Most often, enough to remove one panel to clear all the details.But do not forget that under the right cover, too dusty.Screws panel should otkruchivatsya easily, you can even do it hands pre provernuv couple of turns with a screwdriver or something similar.

Inspect all parts of your computer. by fans inside the system unit is constantly going on air circulation, which leads to the accumulation of dust.Most of all, it settles on the blades of the fan (which is why the cooler can start to make noise) and on the bottom.Over time, metallized dust, which can cause short circuits, damage memory modules, etc.

To clean the computer , not necessarily to remove the device if you do clean regularly.Good enough to sweep away the dust from them, and a small brush or cotton swab ear (dry) to clean the blade cooler.Remember that cleaning the chassis components must be dry and should not use a vacuum cleaner, as the hose may accumulate static electricity.But he's just a general cleaning needs.

Take the brush bristles with a width of 1 cm. To clean your computer, turn on the vacuum cleaner is enough for the average power of a brush and gently sweep the dust while sucking her vacuum cleaner.Like a broom that sweeps away the dust from the horizontal surfaces, trying to sweep directly into the vacuum cleaning hose.To make it easier to work with, you can remove the cables from the hard drive and optical drive (a device for reading CDs).Just do not confuse the plugs when connecting devices.Try to remember, or to photograph them before disconnecting.

For general cleaning from the motherboard, remove the video card, TV tuner, modem, and all the things that you need to clean.If you are not sure that will be able to collect all the items back, it is better to try to clean it in the assembled state.Lift the latch and remove the retaining screw on the board, disconnect the wires from the card.Then carefully remove the device. video card can be attached snap, not pluck the latch with her.Lay unit on the newspaper and clean brush and a vacuum cleaner on both sides.Do not press the brush on the details, so as not to damage them.

not remove yourself from the processor heat sink, as you may damage the layer of thermal paste.The fan can also be cleaned without removing, using a cotton swab or small brush.Gently but thoroughly clean the area around the heat sink and fan.

Collect computer. Reinstall the memory modules, graphics card, hard drive and other devices.Then connect the wires and cables.Check that all clips are snapped, but the screws are tightened.Do not cover the system unit, first check that all devices work.To do this, turn on the computer and with the help of special programs, check the temperature of the CPU core graphics card, hard drive.If everything works steadily, turn off the computer, unplug the power system unit and replace the cover.Tighten the screws.

Cleaning the unit should be carried out every three months, and those with whom he is on the floor, every two months.Enter yourself a reminder in electronic diary, select a specific date to clean your computer from dust, then the computer itself will remind you about it.

How to clean your computer from dust