Common problems with a laptop Many people in addition to the PC (or instead of) there is also a laptop.Laptops like for compactness, but this compact can do a disservice: constant pulling laptop back and forth and rough handling can cause damage.However, not all problems with a laptop - wine user.

Still, in most cases, the problem with a laptop - the result of careless handling.Perhaps the leader of the "hit parade of problems" - is Damage caused by liquid spilled on the keyboard .Would that a normal PC, would suffer only the keyboard, but in the laptop liquid can seep deeper and more damaging "internal".The extent of the damage and cost of repair depends on your luck.So the best way to avoid this problem with a laptop - to keep away from him cups (mugs, cups, glasses) of liquid.If it does shed - immediately turn off the laptop and remove the battery.

If you are too hard "clatter" over the keyboard can fall off "cap" keys.Sometimes it is the fault of the manufacturer, which used low-quality components, but it is better to temper

his zeal. very common problem - broken matrix (screen) .This detail is more fragile than it might seem, so the cases of damage of the matrix are not uncommon.Let's say you have left on your keyboard handle and close the lid - that's you and a crack in the matrix.A substitution matrix is ​​quite expensive.

Sloppy transportation may cause scratches on the hard disk or loss of loops of the connectors on the motherboard, and careless extraction connector of the USB ports - to mechanical damage to the port.

Common problems include notebook and overheating .Very often, the cooling system is clogged and fails through the fault of the user.Clogged promote molting pets, fleecy clothes, often working with a laptop on your lap or without removing it from the bag.

So try not to allow your pets to a laptop, do not work for him, "shaggy" sweaters and at work to put it on the table, or on a cooling rack.And regularly clean the dust , if you can not or do not dare to do it yourself - this includes your laptop to a service center.

course, not all hardware problems with laptop cases the fault of the user.For example, breaking power supply - very common problem that users may encounter.This may mean that the power supply has simply outlived its original or was substandard.If the laptop is not being charged , the problem may be a faulty battery.If the battery is working properly, the problem in the power supply: voltage to charge just does not sound.

Problems with laptop may be not only hardware but also software nature. most common problem - the lack of drivers .The operating system can not "catch" all devices of the notebook.Typically, the necessary drivers can be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer, by selecting notebook model, and then they need to be set as a normal program.

Sometimes problems arise when the laptop try to install your operating system on Windows XP .This is due to the fact that older distributions of the operating system "not familiar" with the new SATA-controllers.One way to solve the problem - go to the BIOS and change the controller from the hard disk in Native Mode Compatible Mode, or AHCI to IDE (depending on the BIOS version can be indicated differently).

Sometimes it happens that the same problem can be both hardware and software character .For example, if the touch pad does not work, the reason may be the lack of drivers or even banal disable the touchpad, as well as in mechanical damage.Therefore, solving the problem with a laptop of this nature, we must first eliminate trite and obvious reasons, and only then contact the Service Center.

hardware problems to solve on their own laptop is quite easy - take it apart, and especially to collect back heavier than the desktop computer.Therefore better carry a laptop in a trustworthy service center .Note that a liquid filled or broken matrix laptop repair can not take everything.Well, it goes without saying that the warranty are not subject to breakage.

Many problems can be prevented with a laptop .For this only need to carefully deal with it at work and transportation, keep away from it containing liquids on the keyboard do not leave small items.Laptops have become so commonplace that we forget that it is - a fragile electronics.If you remember this, the laptop will last you much longer.

Common problems with a laptop