The computer does not see the e-book Modern electronic reading room are getting smarter, some models are even equipped with wi-FEMA, so you can download books from the Internet.Still, it is more convenient to download books from the computer by connecting the reader with the help of a cord.However, it happens that the computer does not see eBook .

If the PC does not see the e-book, the reasons for this may be quite a lot, but they are divided into two main groups : hardware and software.Hardware failure causes associated with "iron": the problem may be in the cable or connector.Software reasons related to the failure to work on a computer or e-book.

To get started, try to eliminate hardware problems, Check cables and connectors .Carefully inspect the connector and cable for damage - perhaps they can be seen with the naked eye.If you have another cable, try connecting e-book with the help of (many reading room equipped with standard cables, mini-USB, so you can try a different cable from the device to the connector mini-USB).

also worth check PC USB-port .For example, if you subscribe to the e-book to the port on the front panel, it may be banal lack of power, in this case, you must connect it to one of the rear ports.The same thing happens if you connect through a USB-book strip.Or the port can simply be defective, so you need to try any other free port.

If the e-book is completely discharged, the computer can not see it .Therefore, you must first recharge the book, and then connect it to your computer.If the book is attached to the charger, this problem will not arise.To book, is charged by USB, you can separately purchase a special charger with a USB connector.

Another possible reason for the fact that the computer does not want to see your reader - too much already connected to it USB-devices .If you are already connected by USB mouse, keyboard, USB-speakers, a camera and a mug heated, the book is also a computer simply will not pull.If the system unit and multiple-output USB, it does not mean that all of them can be used simultaneously.

Sometimes the reason that the computer does not see the e-book may be a "glitch" flash books. To get started, try to turn off the book and turn it on again .If a book is present hibernate, it is necessary to switch off and not to transfer to this mode.If the book is when you connect hung (this also happens), you can try to restart it by pressing the Reset, previously disconnected from the computer.In some models, the books are not responsible for rebooting a separate button, and long press the power button.And just in case your computer also restart - just do not do worse.

Also, the problem may be in the drivers .To test this conjecture, go to Control Panel, and in it - Device Manager.Manager, you will see a list of devices that are found in the e-book.Right-click and select the context menu Update Driver.If the driver update does not work, then click Delete.Then turn off the e-book reader, restart the computer and try to connect it again.

Finally try to connect the e-book to any other computer .If it turns out he did not see the e-book only your computer, and everything else was fine, the problem is in your PC, and the book in no way to blame.If the other computers too, refuse to see the book, the problem with the book, so you should take it to the service: experts determine the "culprit" (it can be hardware or firmware), and troubleshooting.

The computer does not see the e-book