External usb drive external usb drives very popular today.These wonderful devices can significantly expand the scope of the permanent memory of a personal computer or laptop without having to "climb in the interior" of the system.

external usb drives (external hdd drives, external hard, external hard drives, external hard drives) is often called "flash drives killers" due to the fact that these devices are faster than traditional flash-drives and have a much greater capacity.

external usb drives are 2.5-inch and 3.5. first more compact, quieter work, but they are slower and have a second smaller volume.Due to its small size 2.5-inch external usb drives are good for travel, travel.3.5-inch external usb drives, usually used for desktop PCs.

What are the external usb drives? These are the same conventional hard drives, compact only packaged in a metal or plastic housing.External usb drives in metal "boxes" are less susceptible to mechanical damage, besides, the metal acts as a heat sink, giving heat to the environment

.The external enclosure usb drives can be integrated cooler.

External usb drives, obviously, connected to the computer via usb-interface, and supports both USB 2.0, and USB 1.1 standards.In addition, many models of external usb drives have an interface FireWire, which is considered faster than the usb, and often have Ethernet-interface.

for external usb drives PC via USB 2.0 does not need any additional drivers - the operating system will automatically find and recognize the device.To connect external usb drives for FireWire Driver needed necessarily.

power external usb drives obtained either from the tire itself usb, or directly from the mains via a special adapter. In the latter case, work with the device anywhere on the road away from the socket, it becomes impossible.

When selecting an external usb drive requirements for the device are presented practically the same as in the selection of the usual "internal" hard drive.

capacity and speed of rotation of the external usb drives tend to cost less than similar drives.Popular models with a capacity of 120, 250, 320, 500, 640 Gb, Tb 1 and 2, and at a rotation speed of 5400 and 4500 rpm.External hard drives at a speed of 7200 rpm are more expensive, but are also popular.

Why external usb drives? External usb drives, primarily required for memory expansion of laptops and other mobile devices, in fact replace their internal parts are extremely difficult.

But desktop external usb drives can do a good job.In particular, if your computer case does not allow to place multiple hard drives or motherboard does not support hard drives modern "large", the external usb drive can be a real salvation.

External usb drive