How to connect a wireless mouse Today, wireless mouse are very popular due to the convenience of their use.In addition, this device is able to make the workspace at the computer more accurate.In this article we will tell, how to connect the wireless mouse .

If you have never worked with wireless devices, the installation of a mouse can seem a little daunting.As a rule, the delivery of such a device includes detailed instructions , which is sure to be shown how to connect the mouse with a desktop PC or laptop.If such instruction is not enough to follow the steps described below.

To connect the wireless mouse, first in the device, locate the battery compartment, which is located on the underside of the mouse. Open the lid of the compartment and replace the battery and put the cover back .With regard to the receiver, it requires no batteries as powered by the computer itself.

Connect the receiver to your computer .Usually it uses USB-connector, but the market can find models of these devices which are connected to the connector for t

he mouse.Sometimes there are situations when all the USB-connector of your computer is idle, so you can use a special adapter to connect the receiver to the USB connector for the mouse.In such a case, you should be very careful, because you can accidentally connect the device to a connector for the keyboard.

Now you need to make the connection mouse to the receiver .Usually, receivers have a significant key to this, and in the mouse has a small hole with a button that can be pressed only with a needle or paper clip. find these buttons on both devices and then simultaneously press on them .In this mouse should be placed as close as possible to the receiver.The buttons must be kept pressed for about 10 seconds.Then try could move the mouse on the surface of the table and make sure that the cursor moves on the screen.

Modern wireless mouse to synchronize with the receiver can use radio interface, Bluetooth, and some models - even the technology Wi-Fi .Typically, the range of the receiver is 10 meters, which is more than enough for comfortable use.

worth noting that if you make the connection on the receiver to the mouse connector, need to manually restart your computer. If you connect the device to USB-port, the mouse can immediately use .In addition, the supplied mouse and receiver must enter a CD with software (drivers).Therefore, if the mouse after connecting and restarting does not work, install the drivers, as perhaps your operating system does not have the components to support these devices.

However, many modern laptops have no CD-drive , so all you need to have the software downloaded from the Internet .For this will be enough to go to the official website of the manufacturer of the mouse, find the section or Download Drivers, which after specifying your operating system and mouse model appears suitable driver.

How did you make sure to connect the wireless mouse to the computer is simple enough, and it does not require any special knowledge.Finally it is worth to name the most well-known companies , which produce wireless keyboards mice: A4 Tech, Apple, Asus, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Logitech, Microsoft, Rapoo and Trust.

How to connect a wireless mouse