I stopped working mouse computer sometimes gives serious inconvenience, but most of all, its individual elements.Let's start with the simplest, with a computer mouse.What if stopped working mouse ?

Shutdown computer mouse can be diagnosed in different ways , but first you need to consider some points, if you find that the mouse has stopped working, in any case, do not disassemble it yourself !Experience suggests that to remain extra details that you will never not be useful as, indeed, and the mouse itself.

So, let's see, what if the mouse has stopped working :

Check the driver installation or upgrade it. When the mouse was first inserted into the connector USB- computer searches for drivers.Sometimes it appears, "the device is working properly."In this case, you need to enter in the "Start", then to "Control Panel" and click the mouse icon.There you can check the status of the mouse.May default or mistake Installer is the wrong operation of the mouse.Carefully read all the signs, check or uncheck.

If suddenly stopped

working the mouse, without having problems with the installation of the driver and, check wire .To do this, ask someone followed the cursor, while they themselves gradually pinch wire, watching in any case will be contact.Of course, you can seal the tape discovered the fracture, but has simply replace the wire.It's easy and inexpensive.

Check your computer via antivirusnika .Often, after such verification mouse starts working.How do you know that viruses are the reason that the mouse stopped working?Very simple: connect it to the USB-ports several turns.In one instance, the mouse works and the other completely refuses.It should not be, the more that you can check their performance on a regular flash drive.If it accepts, and no mouse, then cause a device, not on the computer.

If the mouse fell, then you are in the noise found in it, then it was severely damaged.Do not disassemble it, as we have already asked in the beginning.Bring to the master, he quickly fix it if you do not hit a very important part.

But let's try to fix its own, with minimal risk.For this you need a screwdriver, knife, soldering iron 40 W, rosin, tin and, in fact, the mouse itself.

1. Overturn device and find the screws that unscrew to remove the case.

2. After removing the body, carefully consider the wire, remember them by color and location.

3. Carefully unsolder the wiring.

4. circumcised place inflection cord.The inflection cord is near the place of occurrence of the cord into the mouse itself.We clean the wire and solder it back to the pins (there are 4).

5. Putting the mouse upside-down.The probability of resumption of work is 99%.

In any case, if the mouse has stopped working, do not worry .Of course, to work with it much more convenient than with a combination of keys.Some even do not recognize the touch panel, preferring a computer mouse.Any deviation in its work safely try to diagnose at home, because often problems with the computer mouse is not serious enough to immediately carry it to the master.

I stopped working mouse