How to use the scanner scanner - a device for reading a two-dimensional image and submitting it in electronic form.You can scan both photos and text which may even be recognized by the computer through a special software.In this article we will tell, how to use the scanner .

First of all you need to install the device: connect it to your computer and install the drivers .You will also need to install a special program which is a function of the scan.As a rule, such an application must be in the driver disk.However, you can use programs such as Adobe Photoshop, ABBYY FineReader, XnView and many others.To check if your application has the ability to scan, go to the menu «File» and make sure that under «Import» have a point, which corresponds to the model name of the connected scanner.

run such a program.Next, open the cover of the unit, and put a photo or a piece of text.Then select the scan function in the program.This will open a separate window where you will need to press the button «Preview» .Then select the area

of ​​the sheet or photo you want to digitize.Also here it is possible to install scan mode depending on the print quality of the material , lying under cover of the device.Also, you can scan in color or black and white.

addition, will need to select a resolution .If you are scanning a photo, it is desirable to set a larger value to obtain a higher image quality.Once all the settings are set, you can press the button «Scan» .This process does not take much time, but will have to wait.

Then you will see a digitized image, which will need to save.To do this, select the menu item «File» and click on «Save» or «Save as» .Now you need to specify the extension of the file and come up with a name.

is also worth noting that if you scan photos that are glued into a great album, do not forget to leave the scanner lid slightly raised.Generally, all modern device of the type designed that they will put the things that have a greater thickness .

addition, can use a scanner over the network .The scanning procedure is no different from that described above, but you must perform some preliminary settings.Go to «Control Panel» menu «Start» and select «View network computers and devices» .Then, in the list of devices, select the desired model of the scanner.Usually the digitization typed text and images across the network used in offices where there is no need to equip every workstation scanner.

Separately need to tell the possibility of recognizing the digitized text .For this operation will need to install ABBYY FineReader , which converts images of letters into text characters.The application can sometimes make mistakes, so it is advisable to re-read the resulting text and make the necessary changes yourself. This program has a friendly interface : all necessary keys made to the toolbar so long to deal with the functionality do not have to.

As you could see, scanner is easy to use and it does not require any special knowledge.We hope, given tips will help you to use this device.

How to use the scanner