Not applicable external hard drive: what to do external USB drives (portable hard drives) gradually become no less popular than the usual stick (flash-drives).But, like the stick, they are not immune to various types of faults.Sometimes it happens that the computer does not "see" the connected external HDD.How to be, if not defined by an external hard drive?

computer does not see the hard disk

To get started is to check whether the functioning USB ports on your computer.Try to connect the device to another port (if included in the port on the front - try to ports on the back), if possible - connect it to another computer.If the other computer is determined by the disc is likely a problem with the USB port on your computer.The case may be:

  1. disable USB support in BIOS (but then not be determined, and other USB devices).We must go into the BIOS and enable USB.

  2. problem with the driver.Go to the Device Manager in the Control Panel, find there your external hard drive, click on it, right click and select Update Driver Software .If you do not help - select Delete , restart the computer and try to connect the drive again.

  3. Wrong assignment letter.Perhaps the system will assign an external HDD letter already connected device.To fix this, go to Control Panel, click Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Disk Management.Click on your HDD, right-click, select «Change Drive Letter and Paths» and give it not occupied by the letter.

In principle, many of the problems that arise when you connect an external hard drive similar problem with flash.In our article "Computer does not see the stick.What should I do? "You will find a description of the problems and possible solutions.

shortage of supply

If a USB port is all right, maybe you can not read the hard drive because it lacks power.External HDD are powered by the USB port.When you connect the drive to the connector on the front panel or by using USB extension cable is such that power "does not reach."Therefore, it is necessary to connect a regular cable that comes bundled with the drive, the port on the back of the computer.

If the disc has two connectors for connecting directly to the two ports, you need to connect the two.To send him enough for one, but for the food - no, he needs to draw power from two ports.If the disk is attached an additional power supply, use it.

Also, the problem may be with your computer's power supply: perhaps he is already obsolete, or installed on your computer too much equipment, and power supply simply "does not pull" external drive.Then it is necessary to establish a more powerful power supply.

Hard drive problems

Finally, the hard drive can not be detected due to a fault in itself:

  • When power is applied to drive it not ring or beep , it is likely faulty hard disk controller.In this case, the drive will save the service center, is engaged in data recovery.If the disc is not - at least to the information in it or a part thereof.
  • If you connect you hear muffled sounds , when trying to spin the spindle (spindle - a shaft, which holds the magnetic disks), the problem may be offset read heads, jamming or breakage of the bearing spindle motor winding.
  • If after a couple of seconds after the sound heard promotion spindle sounds like the ticking of , means the movement of read heads, the problem may be the fault of magnetic heads, controller failure or a chip, or one of many other breakdowns.

If the problem in the hard disk, it must be carried in for repair, not try to fix yourself.Accurately diagnose and fix the problem can only be at the service center.Therefore, if you are confident that you have not defined your hard drive because of failure (the other possibilities you have already deleted), do not attempt to connect the drive again and again (you can dolman), and immediately contact a specialist.

Not applicable external hard drive: what to do