Headphones for PC: How to choose? Modern headphones for computer quite varied: there are low-end models and the expensive headphones for true music lovers.How to choose a suitable headphones for your computer?

There are two main groups of headphones for the computer: microphone and without .Headphones for computer with a microphone in demand among fans of online games, online communication via Skype.Headphones for computer without a microphone, usually chosen by those who do not wish to interfere with the surrounding loud music.

Headphones for PC are available in different types:

  • headphones, completely covering the ear;
  • headphones, superimposed on the ear;
  • headphones that are placed directly into the ear canal.

When choosing headphones for the computer to be viewed in conjunction advantages and disadvantages of each model.So, headphones covering his ear, made up of several main parts: the cup headphones, ear cushions, arch, cable.

Cup headphones for the computer - that is to say, their "heart."They are all electronic "fil

ling", responsible for the operation of the device and that the device cups headphones depends on the quality of sound.

Headphones for PC are chosen, usually based on a few basic parameters:

  • frequency range;
  • resistance;
  • sensitivity of headphones;
  • sound insulation;
  • comfort.

such parameter as frequency range (frequency response), many users have rated as one of the most important.However, it not always well understood the meaning of the characteristics of headphones for the computer.

amplitude-frequency characteristic (AFC) shows the relationship between sound volume and frequency in the form of a curve.The "smoother" the curve, the "cleaner" sound playing any frequency.

In practice, manufacturers indicate on their products the frequency range within which the frequency response curve more "linear".In this figures the upper and lower limit of that range does not actually tell the user about the nature of the curve, and hence this parameter to judge the quality of sound is difficult.

Resistance - this is a more representative description of headphones for the computer.The resistance is "responsible" for the power source of the sound: the higher it is, the more powerful source needs to connect headphones.Furthermore, the greater the resistance, the less influence on the sound quality of the source.

Thus, choosing headphones for computer with a high resistance, it should be remembered that, and they need to be connected to a powerful sound source, or in addition to direct music or human speech, these headphones can be heard different noises postornnie: crackling, rustling noise amplifieretc.

Headphones Sensitivity computer , to put it in simple words, shows how loud sound can produce headphones to your computer.The higher the sensitivity, the higher the volume.

level of noise isolation headphones determined by their structure.There are so-called closed and open headphones for the computer.In closed cup headphones fit snugly to the ears, the external side of the cup is closed hood: the sound is not heard from the headphones around and at the same time, the person in the headphones can not hear sounds from outside.

Earphones computer are outside the mesh cover or cap "in the hole" - in these soundproof headphones is low.

Comfort headphones - a subjective parameter and it is difficult incalculable.For example, some consumers prefer headphones with self-adjusting headband, others prefer sliding bow or cast.Ear cups can be made in the form of a roller covering an ear, and also be superimposed, i.e.around the ears - what to choose, decides each on their own.

length of the cable device, or indeed its presence / absence also is an option for many luxury headphones.The fact that on the one hand able to move freely about the room without cable extends substantially headphone, and the other - imposes certain restrictions on the use.Headphones

same cable can cause discomfort because of insufficient length.In this case, you can purchase additional extension cable.

Headphones for PC: How to choose?