How to charge the laptop From the correct use of laptop largely depends on the term of its operation.In this article we will tell, how to charge the laptop , because it is the capacity of the battery will determine the duration of battery life.

modern laptops come with lithium-ion batteries .The advantage of this type of battery is the ability to recharge them, without waiting for the full flow of the charge.

First you need to tell us how to charge the laptop for the first time after purchase.It is recommended to fully discharge the battery , that is, to a minimum indicator or display on screen warning about a very low charge.This procedure is best repeated 3-4 times.This will ┬źdevelop" a new battery , that in the future he could be charged to full capacity.

Charge the battery it is best if the laptop is turned off , especially if you need to do it urgently.

Keep in mind that the battery in the laptop is not eternal. Lithium-ion batteries are designed for about 500-1000 cycles of full discharge and subsequent charge .In further such batteries running low faster.This leads to the need to observe the old battery with a new one.

Every modern notebook has a battery indicator .When purchasing be sure to ask the seller where it is located, and as evidenced by its signals.If you connect the notebook to the power supply after 5-6 minutes the indicator will signal for the battery, the battery of your mobile computer is faulty.

also indicates the battery fault signal indicator of full charge, in which after 15-20 minutes the laptop is turned off .In addition, if the laptop battery is not charging for 24 hours, replace the battery as it is faulty.

Another is to give a few tips to help charge the laptop will have much less.If possible work with reduced screen brightness , as it is the display consumes the most significant part of the energy.Also during the battery life is not recommended to watch movies from a disc using the optical drive.It is better to copy the movie to your hard disk, and only then start watching.

Remember that adapters Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while the search signal also spend a certain part of the energy .Once will not hurt while working at his laptop to check the CPU utilization , running Task Manager.This must be done in order to make sure that all running programs you need at the moment.

For small outages translate laptop in "sleep mode┬╗ .After switching on, it automatically restores all of the latest data.You can set the option of self-switching computer in "sleep mode" in case of prolonged non-use.Run PC games best when the computer is in a stationary mode and connected to the mains.

As a rule, modern laptop charging takes 30 to 40 minutes, and the device is working in stand-alone mode at low load can be up to 4 hours. laptop - it is a mobile computer, which includes work away from electrical outlets .That is why it is important to charge the laptop.

How to charge the laptop