How to use the keyboard Many owners of PCs wonder, how to use the keyboard as efficiently as possible, since it is the interaction with the control unit depends on the speed of your computer.

To purchase this or that skill, a person must regular exercise .Are no exception, and the skills to use the keyboard.When you are constantly busy necessary skills attained rather quickly and then need only to keep fit.

right to use the keyboard - so save time .This is the main reason learn fast typing .Before training, remember that in any case no need to hurry.Most importantly - a well-developed muscle memory fingers to the extent that the printing process is almost not controlled.

To get started is to estimate the rate at which you type.With good printing speed number of characters it can vary from 200 to 250 per minute .Relate these figures with your result to see the difference.

In order to effectively use the keyboard, you need to master print ten fingers , and it is desirable to do it blindly.To begin with the correct posit

ioning of the fingers on the keyboard: the fingers of the left hand should be on the keys «F", "N", "B" and "A» , and the fingers of the right hand should be placed on «O", "A""D" and "F» .There is a second version of the location of the fingers: left hand on «s", "B", "A" and "M» , and the right - on «T", "O", "A" and "D» .You definitely need to remember the location of the other keys on the keyboard and then start printing.Initially, do not rush.The main condition - not to look at the keyboard.

Today there are a large number of special sites with so-called simulators for teaching typing skills .Also in the internet you can find a program that you can download and install on your computer.The easiest way to learn fast printing is conducting its own blog, printing a large number of texts, conversations with friends chatting and so on.

also to effectively use the keyboard, be sure to learn more shortcuts for programs you use .This allows you to move as little as possible hand on the mouse and look at the various functions menu.Shortcut keys can be used to save or print documents and other files to copy and paste text and graphics.

sure it is worth noting that in addition to the alpha-numeric keypad on the keyboard also has function keys, numeric keypad (NumLock), as well as the navigation bar (arrow keys) .To use the keyboard, you need to know the purpose of each such panel.

Function keys need for quick access to various actions in the programs, for example, any Internet browser, you can refresh the page by pressing F5.The cursor keys allow one-touch move the cursor to the beginning or end of the line, and so on.Digital Panel designed for easy dialing numbers or to perform mathematical operations .

As you could see, efficient use of the keyboard greatly increases the speed of the computer .Of course, the rapid development of printing and storing keystrokes it takes time, so you have to make considerable efforts.

How to use the keyboard