You decide to buy a graphics tablet graphics tablet is designed to create drawings on a computer in a familiar way (by hand) and the transfer of ready-made pictures to a computer.It is useful to both professional artists, photographers and designers and amateurs drawing. We'll tell you what you should pay attention, if you decide to buy a graphics tablet.

How does a graphics tablet

graphics tablet consists of a base (own tablet) and pen - in fact, it is an electronic analog of the familiar pen and paper.Sometimes a graphics tablet attached to a special mouse that performs the functions of a pen.Designed exclusively for this mouse work with the tablet, with the personal computer, it will not operate.

Most graphics tablets - electromagnetic. In such a tablet built a grid of conductors, distance between conductors is 3-6 mm.Index (pen or mouse) transmits electromagnetic pulses, and their conductors are fixed, so the image is constructed.But on the tablet, you will not see the picture, he will be sent directly to the monitor of your com

To pen pulse was applied, it must be powered by batteries or a power cord connected to your computer.Some tablets work on the principle of electromagnetic resonance: a tablet itself sends signals to the pen, then they are returned, allowing to determine the position of the pen.Such a pen does not need additional power.Choosing the pen with batteries, be aware that it is heavier than a pencil or pen, and the center of gravity shifted it.So try to choose the most convenient pen.

Why do you need a graphics tablet

course, primarily a graphics tablet - an indispensable thing for artists, designers, photographers and designers. It supports most popular graphics applications.A graphics tablet can be useful for processing and photo retouching, painting (including on the basis of photo), web design, 3D-modeling, working in CAD programs. graphics tablet can be useful in business activities, because it allows you to e-signatures, make handwritten notes on documents and presentations, draw sketches, graphs, charts.Also, a graphics tablet is useful in cases where it is necessary to recognize handwriting.

So, if you are not a designer and not a businessman, then a graphics tablet you to anything?Not at all! tablet can be useful for those who spend much time at the computer for a variety of purposes. with a tablet, you can edit photos and create collages of them.You can make notes in text files, and graffiti on the social networks.If you've always wanted to learn to draw, but wanted nothing to do with paper and paint - will help a graphics tablet.The pen can be used instead of the computer mouse, then you will be less tired arm, and you will save yourself from tunnel syndrome.

How to choose a graphics tablet

So you've decided to buy a graphics tablet.How to select it, then to not be disappointed?When choosing a graphic tablet to draw attention to his main characteristics.

size of the working (sensitivity) of the tablet - is, relatively speaking, the format of "paper" on which you will draw.Graphic Tablets are available in different formats: from A6 to A3.To help you navigate, take as the standard A4 format - a standard album sheet measuring about 21 by 30 cm. A3 doubled him more A5 - half.Choose a format in which you will be most comfortable to paint, bearing in mind that the image still will not appear on the tablet and on your monitor.

important and aspect ratio of the tablet. If you have a widescreen monitor, the tablet should be marked "wide".If you have the monitor square and plate - very narrow, then some part of it will be used.Of course, the tablet driver allow you to "fit" the aspect ratio of the plate to the aspect ratio of the monitor, but it's easier just to find a suitable tablet.

sensitivity to pressure (pressing) measured in levels.It refers to the ability of a graphics tablet taken effect in the plane perpendicular to the plane of the plate.Level shows how many different takes on the force of the pressure plate.For non-professional use lack of sensitivity in the 512 levels.

resolution graphics tablet - is sensitivity to the plane directly to the tablet, it is measured in dots per inch (dpi).In simple terms, the resolution of the tablet shows the slightest movements of the pen as he knows, if you move the pen tip at a distance of 1 inch (2.54 cm).Your screen resolution is irrelevant to the resolution of the tablet!For home use should be sufficient resolution graphic tablet in 2000 dpi.

For professional graphics tablet can be important sensitivity to tilt the pen , measured in degrees.But if you use a tablet in amateur purposes, this figure is not particularly important.

So a graphics tablet can be useful not only professionals but also amateurs, because it is multifunctional.If you decide to buy a graphics tablet, check out its main characteristics - they will help you choose the right graphics tablet that is right for you.

You decide to buy a graphics tablet