How to fill the Canon printer inkjet printer manufactured by Canon, can rightly be considered the most common.This contributes to an opportunity to fill the emptied cartridges with fresh ink device.In this article we will tell, how to fill the printer Canon .

As a rule, after the acquisition of the printer over time, have to buy a bottle of ink of different colors.The fact that it helps to save on printing photos and other materials .

In order to fill the printer Canon, need a syringe and ink .It is necessary to further consider the purchase of ink.With their selection should be very careful and to choose only those inks which are specifically designed for your printer model.Otherwise there is a risk of malfunction of the device, resulting in an incorrect listing files.

You must first turn on the computer, and only then turn on the printer.You may have to wait a few seconds while the device prepare for work.Then open the printer cover and wait until the carriage will leave, which placed the printheads and ink cartridges are ins

talled .Be sure to wait until it stops.

Only after the carriage would be in a static position, you can remove the cartridge from nests .It's enough to just press a special button on the cartridge, and slightly pull it toward you.

Before refill printer Canon, you must properly prepare the site. recommend to lay on the table a few large sheets of newspaper to nothing dirty .Also, it does not interfere with the napkins.Many people prefer to wear rubber medical gloves to protect your hands from accidental ink which is hard enough laundered.

As for the syringe, then its volume is not critical.The main thing - it is the presence of the needle.Fill the syringe with the correct paint.If your printer is relatively old, direct the needle into the printhead .Strong input is not worth it, will be enough to squeeze just a little needle.Now you can gradually introduce the ink into the cartridge.

Cartridges newer models of printers have in the top of the special hole , which is usually closed by a sticker.Tear it and insert the needle of the syringe into the hole.The needle will pass quite freely, and then enter the ink inside.With this method of filling recommend beneath the print head several napkins , since the open hole facilitates ingress of air into the cartridge.The air creates a pressure by which the ink will flow through the head bit.

to fill the printer Canon, cartridges which do not have a special hole, passage for the needle will have to make their own .To make a hole, it is enough to use a hot sewing needle.After refueling, be sure to close the cartridge cover the hole with tape.

Next insert the cartridge back into the cradle, and then close the printer cover .Be sure to print any page to check if everything is working properly.Only after checking you can start printing the necessary documents, or photos.

How did you make sure to fill the Canon simply.All that is needed, - buy ink supply store for the computer, and the syringe can be purchased at any pharmacy .The same applies to rubber gloves.

How to fill the Canon printer