How to choose a speaker for the computer modern computer can do without columns: we listen to music, play games, watch movies, and some headphones to do this is quite difficult.Therefore it is necessary to know, how to choose speakers for your computer.

worth immediately specify such a moment: in most cases, computer speakers are not designed for high quality sound reproduction .Music lovers and fans of movies in HD generally prefer to buy a good hi-fi or home theater-quality sound system, instead of listening to music or watch movies on your computer.

So our goal - to select the column, which are suitable for normal daily work at the computer, while will not be too expensive, but also of sufficient quality. Computer speakers differ from conventional smaller size, insulated magnetic field, compatibility with a sound card and the corresponding connectors.

The first thing you need to pay attention - this is the type of speakers .Any column (not just computer) are divided into two types: active and passive.The active speaker has a built-in

amplifier, it is not passive.

The only significant advantage of passive speakers - their low price.The sound quality is poor: the amplifier on the sound card is usually calculated only on the headphones, full sound does not help to achieve.Therefore better to choose speakers with built-in amplifiers : they will help to get loud and high-quality sound.

Speakers for computers have different layout options.The easiest option - this system 2.0, which consists of two columns.System 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 7.1 consists of a subwoofer and a few speakers of the satellite.The subwoofer is responsible for reproduction of low frequencies, satellite - for reproduction of mid and high frequencies.

System 2.1 is selected to play quality music with good bass.If you want to use your computer as a home theater, it is better to take the system 5.1.But note that the motherboard and the computer sound card must support the selected speaker ;for example, for a 5.1 system need a sound card with support for six-channel sound.Otherwise, select the column you get, and connect them - no.

If you decide to choose a speaker without a sub woofer (low-cost two-column system) have to seek a middle ground between sound quality and the size of : smaller than the size, the worse the sound (from small speakers no lower frequency).When you purchase the system with subwoofer note that the subwoofer and the center speaker should be one trend, and the rear and front speakers are sold in pairs.

important point in choosing a speaker enclosure material .Select columns from plastic - not the best solution.Such columns are cheap and can be quite interesting to look, but the acoustic characteristics of their approach zero.Therefore, it is best to choose a speaker MDF / particleboard, they sound much better.The main body of the speaker should be unnecessary openings must be airtight.

The only possible opening, which may be on the columns - a phase inverter.It is located next to the speaker on the front panel is used for quality bass (low frequency). But in columns of less than one liter in need fazoinvertor simply no .

Important speaker parameters - power, sensitivity and frequency .Power influences the mechanical reliability of the system, rather than the volume.The volume depends on the sensitivity, the optimal value for usual computer speakers - 85 dB.

speakers must be equipped with a regulator output (simply put, volume), for greater convenience it should be displayed on the front panel.When buying speakers worth checking out, increasing the volume to determine at what volume will distortion, and if you have enough of listening volume.It is also desirable frequency controller - separate low and high.

Additional useful "gadgets» - headphone output on the front panel of speakers, a remote control desk.They are optional, but if they are - this is an additional advantage when choosing speakers.

But the most important point - you must select the column that are appropriate to the sound card .Even the most expensive sound card does not give a good sound, if the speakers are cheap and of poor quality.And vice versa - the coolest speakers will be useless if you have built-in sound card unpretentious.

How to choose a speaker for the computer