Monitor photographer Today, in the age of digital technology, monitor photographer has the same meaning as the camera and the lens.It depends from the monitor processing quality pictures and retouch the main thing - color correction.Also worth noting is that the post-production of images is thereby step in the creation of pictures that can help the photographer to stand out and attract attention.

As for the technical part, in order to choose the right monitor for photographer, should give preference to displays with matrix IPS .They are mounted on the LCDs for transmitting full depth colors RGB - 8 bits for each channel, unlike other types of matrices, which transmit only 6 bits.In addition, this matrix provides a pretty large viewing angle, as well as the complete absence of unwanted distortion when viewed from the side.

largest producer of such displays is a Japanese company NEC (Nippon Electronic Corporation).Are they expensive monitors, but they have excellent color rendering and stability.Price of such displays ma

y range from 700 to 1,500 dollars, depending on screen diagonal.One of the most affordable models considered NEC MultiSync EA231WMi with a diagonal of 23 inches and a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.This is not only a good monitor for the photographer, he is also perfect for the most ordinary daily tasks.

goes on to use matrices IPS and company Apple , whose products have recently enjoyed great popularity.First of all it is necessary to allocate Apple Thunderbolt Display A1407 , whose diagonal is 27 inches, and resolution - 2560h1440 pixels.This model is capable of displaying over 16 million colors, and the vertical and horizontal angle of its review reaches 178 degrees.

However, there was a budget kind above matrix - E-IPS .And if your budget is very limited, from manufacturers such as LG and Dell, there are several models of monitors that use just such a matrix.These displays are good options in the category of price and quality.For less than $ 400 you can buy a 21.5-inch monitor Dell U2212HM , whose resolution is 1920x1080 pixels.Maybe he's a bit of color reproduction does not reach to the company NEC, but for this price it's just perfect.

LG Flatron IPS234T - also a good monitor for the photographer.Despite the low price (less than $ 300), it is set exactly the same matrix as the displays of Apple and NEC, which allows him to give them only on the quality of the display darker.

also worth telling about the available monitors with matrix IPS, which is a Dutch manufacturer company AOC - i2252Vwh.Its price does not even reach $ 200, though the monitor is very light, has a diagonal of 21.5 inches, a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, LED-backlight, and even built-in stereo speakers.

The most important thing when buying a monitor with a matrix E-IPS - be very careful, because in some instances may attend the so-called artifacts , which are pink spots on the screen.Check their availability is very easy: just enough to display a gray background, and look at the monitor from a distance of one and a half meters.Ideally, the color must lie uniformly and not have any tonal variations.

Also, summing up, note several criteria for selecting the monitor for the photographer .First of all, it's his size and resolution: the larger screen size, so it is more convenient to work with graphics.Also be sure to use a matrix to monitor IPS, H-IPS, S-IPS or E-IPS.The last criterion is the increased color gamut.We hope these suggestions will help you to choose the right monitor.

Monitor photographer