How to configure HDMI Out HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is required for full digital quality.It is used to broadcast video and audio.In this article we will tell, how to configure HDMI .

First of all I must say that such a withdrawal equipped with all modern graphics cards for personal computers , in addition, HDMI can be found on laptops, even those models that use integrated graphics.

recommended to start to explore the possibilities of your video .If your video card is not output is HDMI, DVI, you can use the channel with a special adapter, which is also called connector DVI-HDMI .A feature of such adapters is the ability to transmit a sound signal.

To configure HDMI, you will need to study the technical characteristics of television to which you are connecting.Be sure to make sure that his HDMI input for receiving an audio signal .For the connection need only cable HDMI-HDMI , one end of which is inserted into the computer's graphics card, and the second - in connector of the TV.

If you want a TV and a monitor at the same time to work, you must set the option of synchronous operation of these devices.To do this, open the menu «Start» and enter «Control Panel» .Next, you must choose «Screen» and click on the item «screen resolution» .

In the resulting dialog box, you must enable «Duplicate screen» .Now the computer will transmit the same image on all devices.If you need to display the two worked independently of each other, you should activate «Extend screen» .In this case, you will need to appoint a pre-primary computer display device.

To configure HDMI, you must also adjust audio transmission .To do this, open the «Control Panel» and select «Hardware and Sound» .Next, you need to click on «Manage audio devices» .A dialog box in which you should go to the tab «Manage audio devices» .It should be noted Equipment HDMI Output , clicking on its icon left mouse button, and then click on «Default» .

Then press the button «Apply» and close the dialog box.Now, as a test, you can run any video and to make sure that the HDMI-out is working properly.It is worth noting that when the cable is disconnected from the port standard audio port on automatically.

As you could see, adjust the HDMI-out is quite simple and it does not require any special knowledge.Finally it is worth to talk about, how to choose the HDMI-cable .

These cables come in two types: to support high-resolution and to support the resolution of HDTV .As for the length of wires, it can vary from 1 to 10 meters.However, be aware that the longer the cable, the greater the likelihood of signal loss.Therefore, some manufacturers offer so-called active HDMI-cable , which use different technology to transmit data over long distances.When you buy the cable must pay attention not only on the quality of the wire, but also on the connectors.

How to configure HDMI