What is viral marketing? Today, the Internet is increasingly possible to stumble upon the products of so-called viral marketing ?What is a viral marketing?What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Viral marketing - is one of the Internet marketing techniques.The basis of viral marketing principle laid dissemination of advertising information by consumers , and absolutely voluntarily.It is because of such great speed and extent of spread of such outreach Internet advertising and was named the virus.

The promotion and website promotion technique Viral marketing is very popular because it allows multiple increase attendance promoted resource to introduce a wider audience their products or services .

to the product of viral marketing has been successful, it is necessary to conform to several main criteria.Firstly, as "carrier" should be viral advertising the user, it is, of course, we need to "hook"."Clings" should very carefully and competently prepared content.

What can serve content for viral marketing? Yeah whatever!Exciting news, interesting photo, unusual video - anything that can surprise the user and inspire him to further spread the "virus."Thus, the popular funny videos, interesting collages, photos and videos with the "double bottom" scandalous news and sensational, provocative headlines and statements.

creating "viral" content deal with the whole team of professionals from advertising agencies, in fact, that the advertising campaign was a success, it is necessary to choose the right target audience, identify its tastes and preferences, consider the method of placement of viral advertising.

Where is the viral advertising? most popular "platform" for viral marketing are blogs and various social networks - these resources are very popular among the Internet audience.In addition, post viral advertising is also useful for entertainment or news portals on popular forums.

to "virus" has spread, it is necessary to give it an initial "push". Among internet marketers such technique is called "seeding the virus."Authors viral advertising placed his creation on the most authoritative resource for the target audience, are a heated debate in the comments or forums, thereby provoking the audience for discussion.Most authors also provided with a "virus" special program code, through which any user can share the link with friends.

main advantage of viral marketing - is its unobtrusiveness. user feels no advertising "pressure" and more loyal to the advertised site or product.At the same time the cost of each visitor is minimal, although the amount may be very significant.

effective advertising campaigns in viral marketing assessed by quantitative and qualitative indicators.Quantitative indicators include the total number of visitors, time of contact, the number of links and transitions.The dynamics of the project mentioned in the media, posting links to his blogs, audience analysis of the project - these indicators are qualitative.

What is viral marketing?