Rating Runet Blog weblogs - blogs - every day are becoming more popular and visited.What attracts readers in blogs?Why blogs are becoming popular, and their authors are unknown to anyone of the common people become real "stars" of the Internet?Today the countries of the Council offers you uncover the secret of the popularity of blogs as an example rating blogs Runet .

rating blogs Runet drawn Yandeks.Blogi and as of July 6, 2010 Top 10 of this ranking is as follows:

top 10 most popular blogs you'll ever need for credibility

place in the ranking titleblog authority readership
1 398,321 3441
2 341938 9203
3 285,736 13715
4 279,755 4920
5 253091 53122
6 236616 53103
7 175,692 9984
8 163,121 5623
9 143550 2907
10 136,391 17756

credibility index - a measure,based on the data about how often refer to this blog other bloggers, as is often the blog commented how much blog subscribers.

first line rating of t

he most popular blogs Runet take blogs that publish photos of interesting events from around the world, humorous videos, jokes, funny pictures - in short, everything that can entertain the reader.Choosing the author of the blog the most interesting and "clinging" material, his personal attitude towards this or that event, expressed in his comments - that's what makes the top five blogs so popular with readers.

Blog Lebedev (tema), opens the second top-five ranking, released in the blogosphere, primarily due to the extraordinary personality of the author.On the pages of the "living magazine" the author expresses his opinion and his view of what is happening around, sometimes very bold and even rude.

Blog occupying seventh place in the rating of popular blogs from Yandex , devoted to various tips on the use of computers, sites and technologies with maximum productivity, use and time savings.The slogan of the blog: "Life is imperfect.Fix it! ยป

In blogs, closes the top ten ranking, everyone can find for himself something useful and entertaining - the authors write about everything that interests them close and share with readers their experiences, etc.

Blogging - fun.Millions of Internet users have already brought their "weblogs".So, just Rating blogs from Yandex involved more than 18.5 million blogs !If you want, then in the Soviet Union you will find some useful recommendations.

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