Internet Addiction advent of the Internet has greatly facilitated our lives, because in it for a few seconds, you can find a lot of useful and interesting information.Without noticing, we start to spend more and more time on the web, which can result in Internet addiction.

Internet addiction is expressed in traction as quickly as possible to go to the Internet and their own inability to get out of it in time.Experts identify four main features of Internet addiction:
  • obsessive desire as often as possible to check your email
  • anticipation of the next access to the network
  • increase in time spent online
  • increase the amount of money spending on Internet
There is a special test Internet addiction , developed by Kimberly Young, which allows you to determine how you are dependent on the World Wide Web.Try as much as possible to honestly answer the following questions:
  1. How often do you think about access to the Internet, remember the previous sessions online and anticipating new ones?
  2. Do you need to spend on the In
    ternet more and more time?
  3. Have you tried unsuccessfully to control, restrict or completely discontinue their presence on the Web?
  4. If you are trying to limit or discontinue the use of the Internet, whether it causes you fatigue, irritation or oppression?
  5. Do you spend more time on the web than expected?
  6. Was the Internet cause potential or actual problems in his personal life, school or work?
  7. Have you hide with lies the actual time spent in the Internet from someone else?
  8. Do you use the Internet as a means to escape from problems or a bad mood?
If you answered "yes" to five or more questions - then you have internet addiction.

Distinguish five main types of Internet addiction:
  • obsessive fascination Virtual Dating (correspondence in chat rooms, forums, blogs)
  • 's dependence (dependent on network games)
  • compulsive surfing the web (random search of information,go to links)
  • dependence on cybersex and visiting porn sites
  • obsession financial need (gambling, excessive participation in online auctions, useless shopping in online stores).
What is dangerous Internet addiction? Firstly, it can lead to conflicts with family and friends.Man, dependent on the Internet, more and more time at the computer, and less given to friends and relatives.There is even such a thing as "computer widow" - when her husband with a computer actually live in one room, while his wife and child - in the other.Anonymous chat online with virtual friends and acquaintances begin to displace real.

Internet addiction is able to eat through an impressive dent in the family budget. Internet access service itself is not too expensive, but often associated internet based online games, gambling, paid porn sites, online stores and auctions often require considerable financial investments, not virtual, but real.

Internet addiction alters the identity of the person. Internet addiction itself is not yet recognized as a disease, but it can be the foundation for the development of other addictive disorders (dependencies) because the person has undergone a change.Internet addiction can also lead to social exclusion.

Excessive presence of the computer, the accompanying Internet addiction may cause health problems. Among them - tunnel syndrome (damage to the nerves of the hands), headaches, back problems, and vision disorders of sleep and exhaustion as a result of eating disorders (internet-dependent people often forget in time to eat).Internet addiction is particularly dangerous for people suffering from diseases that require regular medication (eg, diabetes).Inspired communication in the network, so people simply forget to take the medicine again, and the consequences can be dire.

How to get rid of Internet addiction? In particularly severe cases will need assistance therapist abroad, there are special centers for Internet addicts.But if you have already realized their problem, but can still control myself - try to gradually limit their use of the Internet, finding alternatives to reality.Instead of reading a book on your computer, get the paper version.Love to chat with friends in "ICQ" and social networks?And when the last time you went to them in a café or for a walk?Do not write to his girlfriend an email with a declaration of love - call her, but better - Celebrate it with work or study.

To get rid of Internet addiction can make a hobby, not connected to the computer.It should be interesting and exciting to you.This can be a needlework, gardening, cooking, hiking, sports, drawing ... Options - the mass.The main thing is to have your family and friends to support you in your endeavors.

Internet addiction - it is certainly a problem, but do not rush to blame the Internet for all your troubles.By itself, the World Wide Web is not bad nor good, it all depends on how we use it.

Internet Addiction