How to set up a network between two computers? home PC users often face the need to adjust network between two computers .After all, if a user has two or more computers, it is not economically feasible to connect each of them to the city's local network or the Internet alone.

much more convenient and certainly less expensive to combine the available computers in your small home network.How to do it yourself?

for connection to the local network and the Internet on your computer meets the special device - NIC. NIC can be built into the motherboard and shipped separately.

To set up a network between two computers and their network cards must be connected by a cable. need a special cable: optical fiber (optical), or "twisted pair".Fiber optic cable is quite expensive and at home use it unprofitable.Cable type "twisted pair" for this purpose is much more suitable.

Twisted pair consists of 8 wires, stranded two in 4 couples, because of what the cable and got its name. to connect to the computer cable must be properly prepared - crimped. There are two ways to crimp twisted pair:

  • white-green, green, white and orange, blue, white, blue, orange, white and brown, brown;
  • white-orange, orange, white, green, blue, white, blue, green, white brown, brown.


If both sides of the cable crimp its only the first or only the second method, the connection using this cable called direct link .The direct link is used to connect the computer and the router, and the router to connect to each other.

If the cable and compress the first and the second way - all over - then the connection type «cross-over» .Such crimp is used to connect two computers together.Direct link to configure the network between two computers does not fit!

crimping carried out using a special crimping tool with RJ-45 plugs. crimping can be performed independently, with the necessary knowledge and skills, and can be purchased in the store ready-made patch cable.

If the cable is crimped correctly and both ends are firmly in the slots of network cards, then the physical layer network between two computers built.This is evidenced by special LEDs if they are lit up on both network cards, or "Connect".

However, the physical existence of the network is not enough to get access to this computer from the network.Therefore it is required to properly configure the network between the two computers. for setting up and proper operation of the network adapters meet the specific routines - driver.

driver built-in network card installed on your computer automatically, along with the drivers of the motherboard.If a separate network card, its driver must also be installed separately.

After installing the driver, the operating system will make all the necessary settings.The operating system Microsoft Windows (XP version or higher) for this purpose is the master tinctures network. Start network configuration wizard, you can:

  • Click Start - & gt;Control Panel - & gt;Network environment;
  • select "Set up a home or small office network" in the dialog box, click "Next";
  • in the next dialog box and click "Next" without changing the setting;
  • in the next window, tick the "Ignore network equipment be deactivated", click "Next";
  • choose the type of connection: to configure the network between the two computers is the item "Other";click "Next";
  • enter the name and description of a computer connected to the network and click "Next";
  • in the next dialog box, do not change the settings and click "Next";
  • enable or disable file sharing, and printers - to the user's choice;
  • in the next dialog box, do not change the settings and click "Next";
  • in the next dialog box, tick "Just finish the wizard, there is no need to run it on other computers";click "Next";
  • at the end of the wizard, click "Finish" and restart the computer.

These steps should be repeated for another computer connected to the network. Note that computer names not be the same!

After completing these steps the local network between two computers set up with each of the computers can access the "disable shared '(ie permission) folders and printers other.

If you want access to the Internet could be controlled from any computer on your network, you need to properly set up and configure the system.In this case, except for a piece of cable and network cards on both computers will also need a router (router). If the home network connected only two computers, the router can act as one of them.

order from the usual computer to "do" the router, need to install it in two network cards .One card interface is configured to work on the Internet - this card is connected cable or other means to the provider.The interface is the second card is configured to work in a local home network as previously described.This card is connected to the network card of the second computer.

To connect a network between two computers to the Internet, a computer-router has to be configured to access the Internet. Typically, these settings are issued by the provider.

Open Internet access for the second computer network in the Microsoft Windows operating system, you can. Click Start - & gt;Control Panel - & gt;My Network Places on a computer, a router, you should right-click on the icon of the external interface (in charge of the Internet connection).

the opened context menu select the "Properties".In the dialog box "Properties" you must go to the tab "Advanced" sludge "Access", depending on the version of the OS and tick the "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet."If you want to control access to the Internet and to the second computer, you must activate the option "Allow other network users to control access to the shared Internet connection."

How to set up a network between two computers?