How to get rid of spam Imagine you go to your e-mail and you can see there, for example, 20 new posts.At first glance, it seems that it is good: for you to remember, you are in demand.But then it turns out that most of these letters - ordinary spam.Since get rid of spam on the Internet?

Under spam imply mass mailing information (mostly advertising) people who do not express a desire to receive this information.Most often the term is associated with the e-mail but can send spam, and through instant messaging and social networks.Spam can be relatively harmless, and simply annoying.But sometimes the spam messages contain viruses or links to malicious sites.So the sooner you decide to get rid of spam - the better.

term "spam" is much older than the Internet.The 30s produced canned "Spiced Ham" ("acute ham"), abbreviated - SPAM.This trademark was notorious because of its hype, especially after World War II, when it became necessary to sell the huge stocks of unsold defective goods.In honor of these canned, people remembered hi

s intrusive advertising company, later called unauthorized advertising online distribution.

Spam can be different.The most common types of spam - this hype of goods and services (including prohibited by law) or anti-advertising competitors."Nigerian letter" and phishing - is not just a harmless spam and online fraud techniques, whose purpose - to lure the user money or personal information.Also refer to spam, "chain letters," political propaganda, DoS and DDoS attacks, mass mailing messages containing computer viruses or malicious links, etc.

How to get rid of spam?First of all, it should be protect your email address from getting into the database spammers , which are used in the newsletter.First of all, try to encode it.The easiest way - to replace the @ symbol with the word "dog" (as it is called in RuNet), put in front of him and / or after a space, etc.However, this may create problems for ordinary people who want to send you e-mail.

You can provide your email address in the form of an image - then the program for the collection of addresses will not be able to recognize it.This can be done using any graphic editor or a special online service, making it automatic.Accommodation addresses graphically also help you get rid of spam.

spammers often send letters "at random", combining the most common nicknames, and postal services known domains.Therefore, to get rid of spam in the future is already upon registration, select original nickname. longer it is unusual, the less likely that a spammer can guess it and "make happy" you another letter.

most often your e-mail "lights up" when registering on websites and forums.Of course, not be recorded on them can not be, so it's best to create two mailboxes - one for personal and business correspondence, and the second - to register at various sites.Then you will get rid of the spam even in personal box.Always check if there is a site the ability to hide your email address from other users.If so, activate this option.

If you have a website, you can publish your e-mail for communication in the form of images, as mentioned above, and encode it using JavaScript or use to communicate with the users of the feedback form.So you can at least partially get rid of spam coming from your personal website.

If spam still come, do not need to respond to it, to follow links from emails, download attachments (usually - documents and images).First, it is dangerous - the letter may contain a virus, and secondly - any of your active actions confirm that the e-mail address is used, and spam will be more to come.Spam mail can easily be identified by the subject.

also get rid of spam or at least help to reduce the amount filtering incoming mail. The electronic box on many popular e-mail service has a 'Spam' - it is there, and not in the "Inbox" contains all suspicious letters.Only occasionally is to go into this folder - sometimes accidentally filtered out and the desired letter.

If spam is still accidentally hit in the inboxes, you can click on "Report Spam" - then in future all emails from this address and the like will be immediately sent to the spam.Spam filtering capabilities have special programs - e-mail clients that receive your mail server using POP3 or IMAP.He spam that has not filtered mail service will help filter out e-mail client.Many firewalls and antivirus software, including free, also have anti-spam function.

course, completely impossible to get rid of spam.But with these tips, you can significantly reduce the amount.

How to get rid of spam