How to create a blog? In the article "How to create a blog?" Land of the Soviets already familiar to readers of the general principles of self create a blog .Today we offer you a closer look at a variety of services to accommodate the blogs: which of them is more profitable and more efficient?

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular platforms for creating and posting blogs - LiveJournal (LiveJournal, LJ, LJ).Learn enjoyed by millions of bloggers, including the authors of the most popular blogs Runet (version Yandeks.Blogi): drugoi, tema, uborshizzza, teh_nomad and others.

To create a blog on LiveJournal to register (registration procedure is standard)and immediately start filling in your personal journal.To publish the records available as a visual editor and editor html, for those who are familiar with this language.For each entry, the availability of certain liqueurs: privacy, labels, commenting, etc.Address magazine looks like

By premuschestvo LiveJournal as a platform for the creation and p

lacement of blogs can be attributed, firstly, the potential audience of millions of readers, and secondly, good service indexing by search engines.

blog service LiveJournal is the first in the ranking of a blog from Yandex services (more than 90 thousand. Records for the last days). remaining nine services of the top 10 ranking of Yandex services are shown in the table:

place blog service number of entries per day
1 94,370
2 21,382
3 18,272
4 13,985
5 9935
6 9480
7 3981
8 3010
9 2310
10 2015 - playground, ranked second in the ranking.Over the past day in the service it was published about 20 thousand records.On this site "lives" mostly young people.Service differs convenient navigation.

One of the most famous features Liveinternet - is traffic counters sites.With these counters can be analyzed in great detail the audience site count transitions from advertisements, etc. - blog service of Yandex.The service for creating and posting blogs in third place ranking with number of records more than 18 thousand per day.The main advantages of this service should include the ability to import a picture of friends (friends of the tape) from other blog service, the ability to add RSS-feed.Service is integrated with other services of Yandex.

Blogger - another popular area for those who want to create your blog.This service is a subsidiary of Google services and for those who already have a Google-account when re-registration is not necessary - just enter the service under its own Google-login and password.

be prompted to name the blog and come up with a domain name that will continue to be displayed as on the user's choice service offers several templates for design blog.Later design template can be changed using the visual designer.

As part of Google, Blogger service has access to all other Google services, and interact well with them.Especially useful is the ability to place ads on your blog Google Adsense and thus monetize your blog.Place in the ad unit, the user can choose at their discretion.

Блоги - Servicing of search and entertainment portal as in the previous service, access to a blog each registered user of the system.Going into the forums, the user has the ability to post messages, set up a functional and visual design of your blog, add interesting entries of other bloggers to your favorites.For registration are available 50 different color schemes.

Блоги service is popular with many celebrities.In particular, it can be found when the blog VVZhirinovsky - the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party.His blog is the third in the ranking of blogs from Yandex on the number of readers. - a special service for parents: present and future.This blog service is in eighth place in the rankings by Yandex.Members of the blog writes about everything that concerns the birth and upbringing of children, conduct family matters.

main audience of this blog service - of course, women.Functional blog "locked up" for quick and comfortable search for information about pregnancy, birth, the child's development.In particular, the service offers its readers a pregnancy calendar, directory of maternity hospitals, "flea market".

blog service «Blogs on» and «» are offshoots of appropriate dating portals.Take the 9 th and 10 th place ranking, respectively.These blogging services are designed for those wishing to learn: through them everyone can express themselves, to attract attention, to find like-minded people.

How to create a blog?