How to create an account on twitter Twitter (Twitter) - a popular microblogging service.From a blog it is characterized in that the length of your message is limited to 140 characters.Unfortunately, Twitter is not available in Russian, so some users are experiencing difficulties with the registration.Soviet country will tell you, how to sign up for Twitter .

To start, go to the home page - looks like this:

Register on Twitter

To start registration on Twitter, click on the big yellow button in the right part of the screen that says Sign Up .Open registration form:

How to create an account on twitter

What you need to enter into the fields of this form?

  1. Full Name. In this line are introduced first and last name (you can use the Cyrillic alphabet).These passport details to enter, of course, does not necessarily - you can enter as your own name or any alias.The name you entered will be displayed in your profile on Twitter after registration.

  2. Username - is the user name (nickname).It must be entered in Latin letters.The user will have to be unique (in the registration
    system will check its availability).If this user name is already taken, near field appears - "Username has already been taken".Then you have to come up with another yuzerneym.Username used to log in.It yuzerneym, not the full name - the name of your main site.

  3. Password - the password to access the site.When entering the password the system will tell you how much it is safe ( too short - too short, weak - weak, good - good, strong - strong, very strong - very strong).How to choose a secure password, we wrote in the article about the security of the Internet.

  4. Email .In this field, enter your e-mail address.It must be valid, otherwise you will not be able to confirm his registration on Twitter.

  5. Checkbox: "Allow other users to find me via e-mail" .Your address will not be shown on the site, but your friends will be able to enter it into the search box and find you on Twitter.If you want to disable this option and will not let you find on e-mail - uncheck checkbox.

  6. Terms of Service - the license agreement.

  7. button Create my account (Create my account).By pressing the button, you agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.

  8. checkbox offers you subscribe to the newsletter of updates to Twitter.If you do not wish to receive such messages on e-mail - uncheck this checkbox.

So you have to click on "Create my account".A popup window appears, prompting you to enter the captcha , to prove that you are a living person, not a computer:

Register on Twitter

Enter the words into the field and click Finish .If you can not read the word, click on the link shown in the screenshot a red arrow, and they are updated.

To confirm your registration on Twitter, go to your email box.You had to come a letter to confirm your registration .Click on the link in the letter, if you can not do it - copy the link, paste it into the browser address bar and press Enter on your keyboard.

That's it!Now you have an account on Twitter.And how to use twitter, Land of the Soviets will tell in future articles.