How to use twitter So you signed up for Twitter.What's next?How to set up my account?How to write posts?How to read other people and make sure that they read vac? Soviet country will tell you how to use twitter.

To access the site, go to the main page - the big yellow button registration button is to access the site with the words Sign In (in the screenshot it is marked by a red arrow).

Press the button and open the form to access the site:

How to use twitter How to use twitter

  1. Username or email - Enter your user name or e-mail address that you used when registering.
  2. Password - enter your password.
  3. Sign in - login button.
  4. Remember me - Check this box if you want the browser to remember you the next time you log in to your Twitter automatically.This option should not be used on public computers to which you have access, not only you.

So you went to the site.Let's try to deal with the interface of Twitter and set up your account.Home Twitter have logged on user looks like:

How to use twitter

  1. Home - Homepage, which, in fact, you a
    re now.
  2. Profile - go to your profile page.It displays your name (or the data you have entered in their place), the user name (yuzerneym), your avatar (picture) User, brief information about you and your entries (tweets).
  3. Messages - the folder with your incoming and outgoing messages (Twitter allows users to send private messages).
  4. your avatar and yuzerneym. Clicking on the arrow near yuzerneym is drop-down menu.
  5. Settings - account settings.
  6. Help - assistance (technical support, as well as all the twitter is not yet available in Russian).
  7. Who to follow - shows the users whose tweets are interesting for you.Until you have set up an account and have not started to read one, you no one will recommend.
  8. Leave preview - the transition to the old design Twitter.
  9. Sign out - get out of your account.
  10. Following - a list of users you are reading.These entries appear on the main page of your Twitter.
  11. Followers - people who read your (followers).Accordingly, your notes appear on their home page.
How to set up your account at Twitter?Click on the button Settings (5) and obtain the following (for convenience we have divided into two parts screenshot):

How to use twitter How to use twitter

Default open account settings (blue tab Account top of the page).You can change:
  1. Name - first and last name.
  2. Username - username.
  3. Email - e-mail address (remember that it must be valid).
  4. Checkbox: "Allow other users to find me via e-mail."Your address will not be shown on the site, but your friends will be able to enter it into the search box and find you on Twitter.If you want to disable this option and do not let you find on e-mail - do not put a tick in the check box.
  5. Language - language, default English.Russian language Twitter is not yet available.
  6. Time Zone - time zone (select the drop-down list).
  7. Tweet Location - if you check, Twitter will automatically be added to your Tweets geographical position.
  8. Tweet Media - if you check, Twitter will show you a video and pictures of all users, not just those you Fallaway (reading).
  9. Tweet Privacy - if you check, your tweet will be able to read only those users to whom you give permission.
  10. Save - save the settings.

How to use twitter How to use twitter

tab Password need to if you want to change your password.Enter your current password, enter a new twice and press Change - change.If you do not want to change the password, skip this configuration step.Tab Mobile miss (twitter mobile services are not yet available to us) and go to the tab Notices - notice.We see three checkboxes:
  1. New Follower Emails: mail notification of new readers (followers).
  2. Direct Text Emails: mail notification of new personal messages.
  3. Email Newsletter: delivery of updates to Twitter.

came to the notice, put a tick that is not necessary - remove them.

How to use twitter How to use twitter

tab Profile - profile settings:

  1. Picture - upload a picture from your computer to be displayed in your profile and next to your tweets.Supported formats are JPG, GIF, PNG, image size - not more than 700 KB.
  2. Name - change the name entered in the register.
  3. Location - enter the city where you are.
  4. Web - enter the address of your personal website or blog.
  5. Bio - brief information about yourself (no more than 160 characters).
  6. Save - save the changes.

Design tab allows you to configure your Twitter clearance.For starters encourage you to choose one of the proposed standard registration and click Save Changes (save changes), as shown in the screenshot a red arrow.

set up an account, you can start writing on Twitter.Go to Home .Write your message in a special window (no more than 140 characters) and press Tweet - a message will appear on your profile and in the tapes of your readers (followers).

how to use twitter

To start reading the person (zafollovit it), click on its yuzerneym to go to his profile.Under profile information will be a button Follow :

how to use twitter

Click it, then you will appear as in followers (readers) and user can read his tweets in your stream.

Happy talking on Twitter!