Search the Internet More and more people are looking for the information you need on the World Wide Web.Search Internet would be more effective if you follow some simple rules.All search engines have a certain principle.A successful search on the Internet is not possible without at least a smattering of these principles.On the Internet, so a huge amount of different information that chaotic and disorganized Internet search came to nothing lead .You'll spend a lot of time and nerves, and find only a fraction of what you needed.

Search Internet requires knowledge of certain principles and tricks.How to find the information you need as quickly as possible?It is only necessary to observe certain rules .

  1. correctly specify the search query.It should be neither too short nor too long.The optimal length of a search query - 2-3 words.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the result, try to change the request to interchange the words in the query or using synonyms.
  3. To find an exact phrase or quote, enclose your search query in quota
    tion marks.
  4. Normally introduction of refined query is more efficient than search results.
  5. Try not to formulate a search query into a search engine issue.
  6. pay attention to the domains of sites from search results, you do not accidentally go to a suspicious link.
  7. usually the most successful links and information are in demand in the first two or three pages of search results.Incidentally, not the fact that the best information will be only the first page.
  8. Use more than one search engine, and more.Different search engines ranking principle different, so that there was no one, can be found in another.
  9. Use additional search search engine technology (image search, search by country, blog search, advanced search, etc.).
  10. Use the search capabilities of browsers.For example, the key combination Ctrl + F includes a search page.

Note that SERPs dynamic and in a few days or even hours may vary.So I found a useful link is immediately added to your bookmarks: the next time the result of the search on the Internet can be different, and you simply lose once found a site.

In order to facilitate the search in the Internet search engine Google offers a number of additional operators and functions , which allow more precise and to formulate a search query to search the Internet more effective.

  • sign + allows you to force the words in your query: + how to search the Internet .If it is in the middle of a sentence, before it is necessary to put a space.
  • sign - excludes a word from the list of search results: cars -otechestvennye .
  • word OR or sign | used to locate one of the two words: CD OR MP3 Player (CD | MP3 player) .
  • sign ~ (tilde) allows you to find synonyms of the query: buy ~ motorcycle .
  • sign * means any words: essay on * .
  • two points ( .. ) used to search within a specific range of values: player for 150..200 dollars .
These operators have the effect on himself search query .The next group of the operators easier to find on the Internet, narrowing the circle of searches: page extradition selected by specific criteria .
  • operator Site need to search the indexed pages of a particular site.It can be used to search for all indexed pages ( site: ), and search for key words in these pages ( site: hobby ).
  • operator Filetype allows you to find files of a certain format, for example: abstract biology filetype: rtf .
  • operator Cache displays the page cached search engine: cache: .Why do it?It so happens that the correct material has been removed from the site, but it is some time is stored in the cache.
  • operator Define allows you to find the definition of words and phrases: define search engine .
  • To find sites that are similar in theme to a specific site, use the Related : related: .

Some features of Google search can significantly simplify everyday life: here you and the weather forecast and currency converter, and more.

  • To learn forecast , simply enter the word "weather" and the name of your country and locality: weather in Moscow .For the US, outside of the city and the state of the index specified.
  • If you need to know the time zone , in which the one or another city, enter in the search box the phrase "time zone" and the name of the city: timezone Kaliningrad .
  • You can limit your search to various organizations (restaurants, shops, etc.) certain city : pizza Kazan .
  • If you want to know movie showtimes in a certain village, adding to the query "movies" is the name of your city: movie in Sochi .
  • To find maps of cities used a search query: map of St. Petersburg (substitute the correct city), with a search results page, you can go to the service Google Maps.
  • Google search bar can be used as a calculator , entering into it is an example that should count: (7 + 3 * 5) / 11 =
  • Also, this system allows you to search convert units of measurement values ​​from the English system measures to metric, and vice versa: 9,5 yards in centimeters .
  • Besides converting units can also convert currencies different countries, for example: $ 200 in rubles .

Of course, this is not a complete list of functions and operators, but first you should suffice and.Search the Internet may be complicated by the fact that not all operators and functions always work correctly .Often, for example, the "sin" invalid search results operator Related.

search on the Internet at first glance very simple.But then, faced with a huge amount of information that is difficult to filter out, many users frustrated by the search engines.And in vain!The ability to formulate a request, and some knowledge of the subtleties and tricks relieve you of tedious walking on unnecessary and uninformative sites .

search on the Internet can be a fast and efficient - if you know how to properly search !

Search the Internet