How to add a button Like on Facebook? Add to your site or blog click "Like" on Facebook is convenient if you want your visitors to quickly and easily can share reference on your life with your friends and acquaintances. How to add the "Like" on Facebook?

In the social network Facebook button "Like» (Like Button) allows the user to share content he liked websites and blogs with their friends on Facebook.When the user clicks the "Like" on the site, he liked the material appear in the newswire friends of this user with a link back to this site.Also, a link is displayed in the "Like" on a personal user page of Facebook.

For users button "Like" is good , it allows one click to share interesting and useful to them in terms of information with other network users.For you, as for the owner of the site or the blog button "Like" opens up additional opportunities to publicize the resource.Thus, click "Like" on Facebook is profitable and useful to both sides.

Add button "Like" on Facebook to your website or blog, you can use a special code , which can be received on a site Facebook Developers.To do this, fill out a form:

How to add a button Like on Facebook?

process of obtaining the code consists of the following steps:

  • field URL to Like - liked the page address - should be left blank to address you like the page has been assigned address of the page on which the button
  • field Layout Style allows you to choose the style of the buttons (with or without the tellers)
  • field Show Faces to True allows you to display avatars of users who liked the website or blog
  • field Width should specify the widthplug-in pixels
  • field Verb to display displays the name of the button «Like» or «Recommend» (Russian-language version of "Like" or "Recommend»)
  • field Font select text font mark
  • field Color Scheme should choose one of the two proposed skins buttons: light or dark

After filling in all fields, press the button «Get code» («Get the code").Now to add the "Like" on Facebook to your website or blog, you should copy it from the window that the program code.

How to add a button Like on Facebook?

At the top of the dialog box contains iframe -code at the bottom - XFBML .The second option is more universal.If the field

page address (URL) is left blank, then after installing the code button "Like" in a html-code of the page when you press this button will "like" it is this particular page.

If you select iframe-code to insert it into your website or blog engine to Wordpress, it is necessary to change the code number.To do this, find a piece of code:

http% 3A% 2F% 2Fpage% 2Fto% 2Flike

and replaced by the following:

& lt;? Php the_permalink ()? & Gt;

If you want visitors to "like" all of your blog or website, you should replace the specified site code URL-address of your resource.Then, to place the code in the template pages.

If you want to change the language button (default button on the message displayed in English), you will need to replace part of the URL in the code of a button - set the location.So for the inclusion of the Russian language should be replaced en_US on ru-RU in line & lt; script src = " en_US / ...

Add button" ILike "on Facebook and you can not use this method. There are special plug-ins that help set the button on a website or blog. Especially popular plugins for Wordpress - common blogging engine. So, you can use plug-ins WP FB Like, WP-FB-Like-Button, FBLike, WordPress Facebook Like Button Plugin, Facebook Like Button .

How to add a button Like on Facebook?