How to earn on my blog? Continuing the series of articles on "How to create a blog?" The country offers tips on how to talk about today, how to make a blog .What methods are used to obtain earnings on the blog?How much can you earn on my blog?The answers to these questions will give the Soviet Union.

you already know the basics of creating and maintaining your blog, you know what they write the most popular blogs Runet familiar with the most popular Russian-language blogging service.It's time to talk about the fact that many new bloggers aim to its activities, namely earnings on blogs.

Surely you have heard that to make money on your own blog - it's a piece of cake!We have to disappoint you: the creation of the blog, brings its owner significant steady income - troublesome and costly. consider the main ways of getting money on your blog.

contextual and banner advertising

Advertising on blog pages - one of the most common ways to make money on the blog.You can show your visitors contextual advertising, you can particip

ate in the banner network or directly dogovaritsya the advertiser to provide your blog as an advertising platform for its classified ads.

For advertising your blog to be popular and visited plus have good performance TIC and PR - then the cost of advertising space will be higher.

How much can you earn on a blog, showing contextual advertising?If you take, for example, advertising Google Adsense, the practice shows that for every thousand ad unit impressions author of the blog can earn, on average, 1-1.5 dollar.Your income can also be calculated according to the number of clicks on the ad units Google Adsense.Total ad units on the blog may be no more than 3.

Some blog services are not allowed to place their own ads on the blog , so in order to earn a blog like this, it is best to maintain a blog on your own hosting (stand-alone).

Affiliate links

Affiliate links, affiliate programs or just affiliate - all names for the same method of earning on the blog.You sign up for an affiliate program and get a special link with a partner.Next, place the reference to the publication of his blog and get a certain percentage for each visitor who clicks on this link.

Affiliate programs are best selected in accordance with the theme of your blog - otherwise the effectiveness of this method of earnings will be low.Significant income from affiliate programs you start getting the blog with the attendance of at least 1,000 hosts per day.

Selling links

Selling links - another popular way to make a blog.Special Exchange links Sape like offer you for posting links advertisers a certain amount.The higher the TCI and PR of your blog and the higher the attendance - the higher the price is set for your ad space.Sell ​​links to your blog, you can also directly to advertisers, it is best if the links are thematic.

Paid Survey

Services such as Blogun pay you money for accommodation on the pages of your blog feature articles, summaries, or so-called guards commissioned by the advertiser.You publish a post with the information given in his blog, put "eternal" link to the advertiser's site and earn money.By the way, you can do paid reviews or post guards, and without recourse to Blogun - you can negotiate directly with the advertiser.

level of your earnings on the blog with the help of the placement of paid posts , again, depends on the popularity of your blog.In blogs with large TCI and PR, and good attendance chances of getting real income is higher.


popular in the western segment of the Internet, but it is not a very common way to earn money in RuNet - it donations .You simply place ads on your blog like "support the development of the project."If your blog has an interesting theme, it is unique and useful, it is very likely that your visitors will want to support you in this way.

Paid access

Earn a blog by organizing paid access "select" - not a bad idea if the information on your blog is so valuable that people are willing to pay for access to it.Otherwise paid access nobody wants to use it.

A variation of this method of earnings - paid subscription RSS .Earn Money on the blog with the help of this method it is also possible only if there is a very interesting and useful content on the blog.

sale blog, sponsorship

blog itself may be a subject of sale.Subject blog with unique content may be interested representatives of big companies and they will want to purchase a blog for inclusion in the network of professional blogs this subject.If your blog is interesting precisely as a personal project, it is possible for someone interested in the idea of ​​sponsorship, and then all the costs of blogging will take on the sponsor.

described ways of earning on the blog, as you can see, is very effective only under good indicator of the popularity of the blog - beginner blogger hosts a 10-20 per day is unlikely to get hundreds of dollars a month.Therefore, before you try to make a blog, you should pay attention to its promotion and advancement.

paraphrase a famous popular expression, Country Councils warn you that not all ways of earning on the blog are equally useful!About that, any ways of earning on the blog can harm your reputation , read our forthcoming materials.

How to earn on my blog?