How to use torrent? the Internet to search for and download files of interest are often used special torrent program.What is a torrent? How to use torrent? this today will tell the Soviet Union.

BitTorrent - so-called special network protocol for sharing files over the Internet.This network protocol refers to peering: all participants are equal torrent network. peer (peer to peer, P2P - peer to peer) architecture, in contrast to client-server, allows you to continue to operate the network, even under heavy loads.

in torrent networks files are not on any one or more servers. Each node is called the feast (peer) is both a client and a server. Torrent files downloaded by parts and downloading any part of a file, the user is immediately "gives" this part of the other participants in the network.This ensures the fastest possible downloads.

to Internet users to find the required files, there are special torrent trackers.It sites where participants gather torrent networks and exchange data files held by them.For example,

on the torrent tracker you can find a description of the file, to find out how many Internet users have this file available, and so on. D.

for file sharing in peer to peer networks using special programs torrent.Their there very much.Such programs are installed on the user's local computer.

If a user has a file on your computer completely and "gives" it to other users torrent network, a user called seeder (seeder), a file that is distributed accordingly - Sid (seed).If the user does not have on her computer all the segments of the file and downloads it, it is called leechers .

How to use torrent to download files?

first need to find one of the torrent tracker file or multiple files.As a rule, access to torrent trackers require registration.

When the desired file is found, for example, by searching the site, you need to link to the file.Page displays information about the file, where among other things indicate the ratio of seeders to leechers.Of course, preference should be given to similar among those files, which Siderov more.

page file contains information about the link to download the torrent file.The size of the file - the order of several tens of kilobytes.This file must be downloaded to the local computer user.

If your computer is already set torrent client, when you open the downloaded torrent file, the client will automatically "catch» contained therein link and begin downloading the file.You can also use the menu item in the torrent client "Open torrent" in the window that opens, specify the path to download the torrent file.We can only wait for the download.

How to use torrent files for distribution?

The first step is to select the file to be handed out, and put it on your local hard disk so as to ensure its long-term presence there.

followed by create a torrent file .Most torrent clients need to perform this sequence of commands "File» → "Create New Torrent".You must select a file that will be distributed, and click 'Create and save' (or similar).This will offer a way to save the torrent file: You can agree or choose your own path.If

torrent client to create a torrent file requests to enter data into the fields "Tracker", you should leave these fields blank.When issuing a warning, "... you want to continue without tracker" select "Yes".

window creating a torrent-file should be closed.Now need to place the created file to the torrent tracker .At present most of the trackers button "Download» (Upload).Press a button and in the window that appears, specify the load created by the torrent file and fill in all required fields, such as the description of the file, its name, and so on. D.

If done correctly, the user, "mounted to her" torrent file onTracker will see your profile distribution. Now that the user is in the list of seeders, it is necessary to open a torrent file using a torrent client and point the way to handing out a file.The program will start distributing the file on the tracker and the user will include sound.

To use the torrent you need to do as an injection, and file sharing, as many trackers present ranking members - the ratio of the downloaded file and distributed.The more files distributed participant, the higher the rating, the greater the ability to download files in the torrent network.

Now you know how to use torrents, however, remember that the distribution and downloading of files protected by copyright, are illegal and should be made at the risk of the participants!

How to use torrent?