How to make money on the blog: Do no harm! Earlier Country Council has already considered the main ways of earnings on blogs.And since "not all yogurts are created equal" (c), there are a number of very popular ways to make money on the blog , which in fact may very harm the reputation of your blog.

So, what are the methods?Earn on the blog, do not hurt him, if you can use any reasonable ways of earning on blogs, and given the specificity of the theme is your blog.

For example, make a blog using advertising - a natural desire.But how will look like the ads on the pages of the blog, thinking few.

most unacceptable so-called Pop-Up and Pop-Under. These advertising messages on page load "float" over its contents, or in a new window by force, without the knowledge and desires of the visitor.And even a button "close", which also can not be found, does not work: at the touch still works to a page of the advertiser.

Now imagine that feeling visitor who came to the page beloved and respected blog and met these "art"?Will he come again?You can

lose all of their audience ...

does not make sense if you want to make money on the blog and post multiple ad units like Adsense and banner rotators. Most likely to accommodate all of the advertising you simply do not have enough free space, and the blog will look extremely "clogged".This is a heavy blow to the reputation of the blog!

earn on the placement of paid blog posts - another perfectly acceptable way of earning.However, what happens if the amount paid exceeds the amount of advertising of posts useful and informative articles, for which readers and come to your blog?Not only that, you, again, risk losing the audience, but also the price of your advertising platform will fall - no one will pay a lot for a place on the blog, which is not visited.

and promotional links and paid positions should be what is called "in the subject." Prefer feature articles and links is at least two reasons.Firstly, a thematic link in a thematic environment is valued higher by search engines, and therefore it is more expensive accommodation.Secondly, your readers like links and articles can really be helpful.

What about affiliate programs?Earn on the blog this way, and not to harm the reputation and the attendance of the blog can be, if carefully considered choice of affiliate program. There is quite "innocent" affiliate, offers books, cosmetics, licensed software.But there are also quite a "dubious" affiliate programs referred to harm not only the attendance of the blog, but also its promotion in search engines.

To make a blog and not hurt him, do not immediately after the creation of a "hang" advertising "to grow into" custom posts. All this is impeding the promotion of your blog in the search engines.Experts recommend waiting to monetize your blog at least a couple of months - it will more accurately determine the tastes and preferences of the target audience of the blog, select the optimal strategy.

How to make money on the blog: Do no harm!