How to Learn? among Internet users is very popular blogging - maintaining blogging.One of the most popular blogging services - is LiveJournal (LJ, LiveJournal, LJ), and more and more people are interested in: «How to Learn?»

Blog service - this site, which allows users to create their own blogs (Internet-dnevniki), read blogs of other bloggers to add their friends (friends) and read their entries in their Friends, engage in a variety of community members, etc.Today we tell you how to do LJ, in other words - how to register on LiveJournal .

First you need to visit the site LiveJournal - the upper right corner you will see a login form, and it will be located on the link «Create an account» .

How to Learn?

To make LiveJournal, you need to click on this link.Open registration form :

How to Learn?

in this form field you have to enter such data:

  1. Username - your username.It will be used to log in, displayed in your profile and the address of your LiveJournal will look can cont
    ain only lowercase letters, numbers and underscores, and must be unique.If this user name is already taken, the system will warn you about this.

  2. Address e-mail .Please enter only valid e-mail address: it will come to the notice of LiveJournal, moreover, without it you can not confirm your registration and to recover a forgotten password.

  3. Password .You need to come up with a strong password for your account.It must contain at least six characters long and should not be based on your username or email address.

  4. Confirm password .Enter the desired password again to eliminate the error.

  5. Paul .The drop-down list, select your gender.By default, it is not displayed.

  6. Born .The drop-down list, select your birth month and day, and year, enter manually.

  7. Verify that you are a person .You will need to enter a captcha - a certain set of characters.This is to confirm that you are human and not a robot.

  8. If you do not want to receive announcements of LiveJournal by e-mail, do not check this checkbox.

  9. When you were all the information, click on «Create an account» , to make LiveJournal.

window opens «Quick Start» .It will help you set up your profile and LiveJournal.All fields are optional, but the user with an empty profile is unlikely to attract attention to himself.

How to Learn?
  1. Name .Enter your name - it can be as real name or an alias to communicate on the network.The name may be different from the user name (login).

  2. Where are you? drop-down list, select the country and enter the area of ​​the field and the city.

  3. What interests you?Through comma enter your interests to your favorite music, movies, TV shows, hobbies, and other interests.In the future, search Learn interests will help you find like-minded people.

  4. Statement .In this field you can write anything you want to tell about themselves to other users.

  5. Account Type .You have a choice between two types - free upgrade account and paid account.We paid account wider opportunities, it can be paid using a credit card, or different systems on-line payments.

  6. Choose the style of your magazine .Here you can select a style for your LJ.In the future, it can be changed by selecting from a larger number of styles.

  7. When you have entered all the information and choose the visual style, click «Save and continue» .

Register Learn over!You needed to go to the e-mail provided during registration - you had to come email with further instructions .Follow the link from the letter and start blogging!

As you can see, to make LiveJournal is not too difficult.Just a couple of minutes - and you have joined the many millions of bloggers.

How to Learn?