How to configure FTP in Total Commander? In some cases, to download files from the server, or the server it is convenient to use the File Transfer Protocol - FTP.Download files through this protocol can be using a standard browser, but to upload files to the server best configure FTP file manager .

abbreviation FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol (file transfer protocol).It is designed to transfer files in computer networks.Using this protocol, you can connect to the FTP server, view the contents of directories (folders) on the server, download files from the server, or the server. to connect to the server, you need to configure an FTP client .

Most popular file managers have such a function as FTP client .Its setup is almost identical in different file managers, so the description of the client configuration in each manager - a waste of time.We will tell you how to set up FTP in Total Commander.

Total Commander - one of the most popular file managers.This is a free trial.It can be used for unlimited time or paying a penny, but ever

y time you start the program will be displayed three buttons and instructions on what button to press.If you get tired of it - you can buy the program for a little money.

So, how to configure the FTP client Total Commander?To start, run the program.It consists of two panels .In one panel, you open a folder, in which we will upload files to the server (or vice versa, from which we are going to upload files to the server).In the second box, we need to set up FTP, and then connect to the server where we will see the folders and files stored on the server.

How to configure FTP in Total Commander?

click the mouse in the address bar of the panel, in which we are going to set up FTP, and proceed to configure.The menu Network select the item Connect to FTP-server (or click on the button on the panel FTP program).A dialog box appears with several buttons on the right.You need to click on Add .If the window is already configured FTP-connections, we do not touch them - they do not interfere with us.A window to configure a new connection.

How to configure FTP in Total Commander?

In the window, we see a number of fields. What information they need to enter?

Connection name. where you need to enter the name of the connection.It may be any, asit is only necessary to ensure that you are able to recall the name of that kind of connection.

server [Port]: In this field we enter the server address to which we need to connect.

account. in this field need to enter the username required to access the server.It provides the server administrator.It also happens that the access to the server open to all, then you need not login.

Password. This password is entered, provided by the server administrator with the login.If the computer you are using is not one, it's better to leave the field empty - then the client will ask for a password each time you connect, and that means that no one except you will be able to connect to the server.

Remote directory. In this field we enter the address of the directory on the server that we want to get there.This address is relative, and reports from the root directory.For example, in the root folder on the server has a folder Docs, and in it - a folder Reports, which we need to get there.In this case, the relative address of the remote directory will be as follows: docs / reports.If you leave this field blank when connecting to the server will open the root directory.

other fields / check boxes to fill not necessarily .Fill in the form, click the OK button.Now, in the window of the FTP connection should appear we created the connection.Click the left mouse button (the line with the compound to be highlighted in color), and click on the Connect button .If you do not connect to the local server and an FTP server on the Internet, be sure to check whether you have done an internet connection.

As you can see, configure FTP in Total Commander is quite simple.There is only one caveat: settings window may vary slightly in different versions of the file manager , but the main field are the same.

How to configure FTP in Total Commander?