How to check the ping? When you contact tech support provider due to problems with your Internet connection, you may be asked to verify Ping .What is ping?Why do I need to check it?These questions are answered by the Soviet Union.

Ping (ping) - a special tool that is used to check for network .It sends a request (information package) and the server records the time it takes for the request to reach the server and back.In everyday life this time, also called ping.Although the name and false, but it has stuck among PC users.

Why do you ask to check for problems with the Ping network?If the return package is too large or if it does not come back at all, the problem is either the server or on the part of the network between the server and your computer. If you are pinging a known working server (for example, your ISP), the response time helps to see whether there is a problem in your area networks .If the time is within the normal range - then the problem may not be a network, and, for example, with your browser.

addition, ping test can be useful to fans of online games .For them it is very important the quality of communication with the server, because it often depends on the success of the game.Therefore, before you start the game on some server, they decide to check first ping and see how the answers come from the server: a server response time, return whether all or part of the package is "lost" on the way.

Check Ping possible using standard tools of the operating system Windows.To do this, run console (command line) Windows and cause of her command ping .Start a command prompt can be a variety of ways.One of them - is to click the Start button, select from the menu, click All Programs, it - click Accessories.The list of standard command line programs will be.Another way - again, click on the Start button, select Run menu in the window that opens in the Open line write cmd and press OK.

Open Command Prompt.It is necessary to enter the ping command followed by a space - the server address (you can enter the IP address or URL of the site) .If you need to check your ping to the game server, enter the address of the server.If you want to check the Internet Ping (quality of the Internet connection), enter the address known to the production server - for example, or address can be entered without http: // and / or www.For example, because:


Press the Enter key and monitor the results.If you ping the server results indicated :

  • size packet sent in bytes (default - 32 bytes)
  • response time in milliseconds
  • TTL (time to live) - the time that the computer will wait for a response from the server

By default, the server sent four packets, and then displays the test results ping : the total number of packets sent, number of packets received, number of packets lost, the percentage of losses, the maximum, minimum and average round-trip time of the package.

If all the packages did not come, or if the spread between the maximum and minimum round-trip time is too large, then it may be a sign of problems with the network. Sometimes problems with the passage of packages (especially large ones) will activate the antivirus or firewall , so before checking his best to disable ping.

Ping To test more accurately, you can manually set the parameters of the ping (the number of sent packets, packet size, time to live, etc.). It uses special keys:

  • -n specifies the number of packets to be sent, such as ping -n 10 means that the server will send 10 packets;between n and the number of packages you need to put a space
  • -t sets an infinite number of packets to be sent they will be sent as long as you do not stop ping manually
  • -l specifies the size of the package, such as ping -l64 means that the server will be sent packets of 64 bytes;between l and the size of the package you need to put a space

You can use several keys. If you want to stop the ping, press the key combination Ctrl + C .You can also check using a ping service to determine the speed of the internet, many of them check not only speed, but also Ping.

How to check the ping?