Trace route: why is it necessary? Imagine the situation: you are sitting on the internet, not bothering anyone, and then your favorite site no longer loaded.Internet down, you think.But it turns out that the other sites are loaded correctly.How do you determine what happened?You will trace route .

I guess we all know that any website is on the server - a dedicated computer.When we enter the website address in the browser address bar and click on the "Go", we thus send a request to the server .On the way to the site of our request passes through several intermediate nodes of communication, and if they were all right - then the site is displayed in the browser.

If the site is not loaded, it means that our request has not reached due problems at some of the communication nodes (intermediate computers or routers) .The problem may be with yourself (for example, a problem with the cable, although it will not be loaded, and other sites), your ISP or on the side of the host site.Determine at what exactly the site link is lost your query help

trace route.

trace route is performed using Utility Traceroute / Tracert .This program is included with almost all modern network OS (operating systems that support the work in computer networks).The Microsoft Windows operating system, this program is called tracert, and Linux, and Mac OS X - traceroute.

principle of this program similar to the principle of the program ping.Traceroute sends data to the server and thus captures all the intermediate routers through which the data on the way to the server (the target node).If delivery of data to one of the nodes takes a problem, the program determines the portion of the network that is having problems.

How is the trace route in Windows?The program tracert, as well as the program ping, run from the command line. In any case, we remind you enter the command line in Windows .There are three main ways:

  1. Click on the Start button, choose Run, in the Open box, write cmd and press the OK button or press Enter.
  2. Press the key combination Win + R (Win - This button, which depicts the logo of Windows), opens the same window as in the previous case, so that the next act similarly.
  3. Click on the Start button, select All Programs (or Programs for earlier versions of the OS) in it - point to Accessories, point to the standard programs click on Command Prompt.

In the window that recruit team tracert SiteName (for example, tracert and press the button Enter.Instead, enter the website address can be an IP address (if you, of course, is known).Enter the address, we thus established a route to the end node.At the command prompt real-time trace output: name and IP address of the intermediate node, the response time in milliseconds.

If you are not interested in the names of intermediate nodes that trace route should be carried out with the parameter -d, which hides the names of the routers, for example: tracert -d .

How to use this data to address the problem?Response Time shows the load channel.But even if the response time is great, the website will be loaded - albeit with difficulty.But if instead the response time you see the inscription «timed request» , it means that on this site there is a loss of data communication, and therefore, a problem in it.

So, trace route helps to identify problematic node .If the data are normal and "stopper" on the destination, then the problem is really with the site.If the trace route is terminated halfway, the problem in one of the intermediate routers.If the passage of packages stops within the network of your provider - then the problem must be solved "at the local level."

If the trace route was broken on one of the intermediate routers, you can try enter the site from a different computer or even a mobile phone - route changes, and the site can be accessed.To be sure, you can try to make a trace from another computer.And if the other computer is not at hand, the aid will come special online services .Thus, the site is available trace route to the site from different countries.You choose the list of countries, provider, enter the address of the site and check out the route.

Trace route: why is it necessary?