How do I upload photos to Twitter? Twitter - a popular microblogging service.It allows you to send short messages up to 140 characters.But sometimes so eager to share with his readers not only text but also photos or picture.For such cases, we will tell you, how to upload photos to Twitter .

The easiest way to upload a photo to Twitter - use functionality that offers the site itself .We have our own Twitter photo sharing site, created with the support of Photobucket.To publish a photo, click on the icon with the image of the camera (it is located under the window of the new tweets), select the image on your computer and send a tweet.Your photo will appear in the timeline as a reference.If you click the link, the photo will open in a new window, and if you click the words "Show photos" under the link, the picture appears directly in the timeline.

However, some users to upload photos will have to use third-party services : someone just used to it, while in the service account was not upload photos, someone has other reasons for it.The a

dvantage of the majority of sites for uploading photos to Twitter is that they do not require registration : you enter the site under your login and password for Twitter and upload a photo (you can with a comment).Link to the photo will be published in your account, and the image can be seen both in the Twitter and on the website from which you downloaded it.We offer you an overview sites , Allows publish photos to Twitter.

Perhaps, - one of the most common services to upload images to Twitter.Its only drawback is that in Russian is not available.To upload photos to Twitter via twitpic, go to the website and click on a button Sign in with Twitter in the upper right corner.Enter your login and password for Twitter and click on the Login button.

To download a photo, click on the Upload Photo or Video in the top of the page. Loading takes place in three steps : First, click the Browse button and select an image on your computer to upload.Then, if desired, you can add a message (its length is limited to 114 characters).In the Post Options need to check Post to Twitter account.Finally, click on the Upload - and you're done!

How do I upload photos to Twitter?

Another popular service for uploading photos to Twitter - .It is available in Russian and at, it looks like the previous site, so that difficulties in downloading images should arise.

To begin, go to the site using your login and password to Twitter (just as you do the previous case).You immediately redirected to the download page photo (by the way, it will be the same design as the design your own twitter account).You can upload a photo from your computer (line Upload picture from your computer), or from the Internet, insert a link to a picture in a row Upload picture from URL).If desired, add a comment to the picture.Do not forget to put a tick next to the option Post to Twitter account and click Upload.

How do I upload photos to Twitter?

Service , perhaps more than any other service similar to Twitter.To log in, go to the home page, click the Sign In link at the top of the page and enter the site under your twitter account.

Send a message with a photo in Twitter is very simple: write in a designated field of your tweet, and then upload an image from your computer by clicking the Browse button (Browse) next to the field Add Image.If you want to upload an image from the Internet, click on the Paste URL and paste the link to the image in the appropriate line.Click Update - and you're done!

How do I upload photos to Twitter?

Each of these services - advantages and disadvantages .So, not only allows you to upload photos, but also video.But and allow you to download pictures from the Internet in their URL.But in general the choice of one of the service - it's a matter of personal preference.

course, the list of sites for uploading photos to Twitter is not limited to these three.You can also try sites , , or exchanged to third-party websites and use your own photo sharing site Twitter.

How do I upload photos to Twitter?