How to crimp twisted pair? There are different ways to connect your computer to the Internet, but one of the most common - a technology for Ethernet, connect via network cable (twisted pair).To connect the cable to the network card uses a special connector - RJ-45.As crimp twisted pair RJ-45 connector?

First, let's look at what is a twisted pair.This communication cable comprises one or more pairs of insulated conductors.The conductors are twisted together and covered with a plastic sheath. Network cable is used to connect to the Internet, it consists of four pairs of conductors .

Before crimp twisted pair, you need to decide for what purpose you will use it.There are two main types crimp connector twisted pair:

  • direct link - to connect the computer and the switch / hub / router
  • cross-link (crossover) - to connect two computers together

With direct linksboth ends of the twisted pair are crimped by the same scheme, in cross - differently.Usually broken down in a twisted pair for the direct link twisted pair wires in the following order:

  • white-orange / orange / white and green / blue / white and blue / green / white brown / brown

When cross Linke one end of the twisted-pair cable is crimped under the previous scheme, and the second - on the other:

  • white-green / green / white and orange / blue / white and blue / orange / white-brown / brown
How to crimp twisted pair?

Basically,Modern network cards can "understand" and direct link when the two computers, but better to be safe.

so as to compress the twisted pair at home?To do this you will need your own cable, several RJ-45 connectors and a special tool called crimping pliers (crimp, Crimper) .

Crimping pliers consist of three business areas, each of them - their functions.We handle located knife to cut the wires, and some models also have a recess designed to remove the insulation from the external round cable.In the center there is a special swage slot , which is crimped and the connector.And in the top of the Crimper there is an area that helps Strip the outer insulation twisted pair.

So, to compress the twisted pair, you must first carefully cut the end of the cable using the built-in cutter.Then comes clean about three centimeters from the cable insulation using a special knife.In principle, it is possible to replace it with an ordinary knife or scissors.

Then dilute, untwist and straighten the wire pair.Then you need to distribute the posting of colors in accordance with the desired circuitry and align.Tightly gripping the aligned conductors should be cut off the tips with a built-in crimp knife, leaving about 1 cm unwound wire.

After that aligned conductors are inserted into the RJ-45 connector.Sections conductors shall reach the end of the troughs.Make sure that the cable jacket left the latch for fixing, and also reached the stop.Then again, you need to check whether the wires are spread by color and put in a crimp connector until it stops.Then squeeze the crimping tool handle until the cable lock fork snaps.

But it so happens that you do not crimp and crimp twisted pair well simply desperately need.Then you can use crimp thin screwdriver.This method is more time consuming and less efficient, but in an emergency can be useful.As crimp twisted pair with a screwdriver?

As in the previous case, the need to clean up the insulation expand the conductors by colors and insert them into the connector.This is followed by drown plastic retainer teeth and connector contacts so that they do not protrude above its surface.To do this, press down on them across the end of a screwdriver.Then you need to deploy along the screwdriver and eventually drown contacts, the teeth came into isolation.You need to press firmly but smoothly.

Check to determine if you compress the twisted pair correctly, you can using a special device - tester .Although in some cases the tester does not need - poorly or not work at all, and so will the network cable is crimped bad or wrong.

How to crimp twisted pair?