How to remove subscribers in contact? Changes in friends in popular social network Vkontakte caused a lot of negative feedback from users: Now if you have rejected a request to add the person as a friend, it remains in your subscribers.Moreover, strangers can simply subscribe to your updates without adding you as a friend.How to remove subscribers in contact?

When you subscribe to a man, his public updates appear in your news.Similarly, your public updates appear in the newswire of those who signed for you.In contrast, adding as a friend, subscription - the process is not mutual: the person does not need your consent to subscribe to your updates.Many

this situation annoying: not everyone likes when their Subscribe strangers or those with whom do not want to cross (former boy or girl, a new passion former boyfriend or girlfriend, colleagues, etc.).And trying to add you as a friend in the list of subscribers, spammers somehow not good.Can I somehow remove from the list of subscribers in the VC (in contact) you unwanted users and how to do


1. insert subscribers to blacklist

This method - the most effective, but radical.Go to the page with your subscribers, move the victim to an avatar and click on the X in the upper right corner.Confirmation window will appear.If you believe - click Continue.

When you teach a man to the black list, it will no longer be able to send you private messages and friend requests, and view your page.He, of course, will disappear from the list of subscribers.The disadvantage of this method is that each subscriber would have entered into the list manually, if you have too many - the process will be quite time-consuming.

If you decide to pardon someone from the list, click the Black List tab in My Settings and click on the link Remove from in front of the user.But note that if the user will again be on the list of your subscribers, if he did not have time to unsubscribe yourself.

2. Ask subscribers to withdraw himself

effective way how to remove unfamiliar subscribers in the VC (in contact) without adding them to the blacklist, no.But you can try to use the methods of "devious," some of them can help.For starters, you can ask the person to unsubscribe from you in a good, sending a private message.Or leave a message on my wall all read your wall with a request to unsubscribe they will see it in their news.

's just no guarantee that people voluntarily unsubscribe from your updates.The general appeal notice is not all spammers hardly ever read your message, some subscribers, you may do will not write, because to deal with these people do not want.Finally, if a lot of subscribers, write each person can be tedious.

3. Restrict privacy

Therefore, the third option - a subscriber to leave, but as much as possible to cut them access to your personal information.The privacy settings (menu item My Settings tab Privacy), you can make it so that most of your personal information will be able to see only your friends - and add them to friends whom you already decide for yourself.

disadvantage of this method is that restrict unwanted guests all the information will not be possible: to see part of your personal information (eg, date of birth, city, login Skype, website), your wall posts and photos that you poston its wall, a list of your friends and subscriptions (hide only 15 of them), video and audio recordings.So close completely from non-friends without recording them in the black list, as it has been possible before, you can not.

So the only sure way to remove the VC subscribers - is to bring them to the blacklist.But the way this radical enough (no more people will be able to communicate with you) and time-consuming.

How to remove subscribers in contact?