Popular blogs: blogs Runet rating Blogging has long ceased to be an unusual hobby.Now a blog - it's not just entertainment.It can serve as a source of income, a platform to express their civic position, and for the public people blog - it's a way to be closer to the people.What popular blogs in RuNet there?

popular blog - a piece precarious: today you are the favorite of the audience, and tomorrow on your blog, no one will remember.Therefore popular blogs rating usually headed by Internet blogs, whose owners are paying a lot of attention to keeping your blog or projects directly supervised by a group of people.

How are the most popular blogs?The search engine Yandex provides regularly updated blogs Runet rating .Blogs and houses by the number of readers or by authority.The authority - a more objective indicator of popularity.This rate is determined based on many parameters.

We have already published the rating blogs Runet on 6 July 2010, but has since passed and a half years, and many in the blogosphere has had time to change. Let's see what the popular blogs broke into the ranking of blogs Runet 18 January 2012 .

Popular blogs Runet: TOP-10 credibility

place in the ranking blog title authority readership
1 NEWS IN PICTURES 1,316,692 9849
2 Faktrum 1,147,727 381
3 Internet magazine ETODAY 1,138,917 15790
4 teh_nomad (Free Communication) 794,024 10719
5 Snob 774,204 19
6 ibigdan (most juice!) 727,034 14048
7 asaratov (Information and entertainment magazine ASARATOV) 502,831 2721
8 Lifehacker.ru 484,886 20229
9 drugoi (Another Magazine) 482,601 59607
10 navalny (blog Alexei Navalny) 29555 478273

So, what has changed in the blogosphere Runet and a half years?The overall trend has remained unchanged - still the most popular blogs are primarily categorized as informational and educational.So, the first line of the rating, as well as a half years ago, occupies blog NEWS IN PICTURES , specializing in photo essay on the various events in the world.

second and third place ranking is occupied Faktrum blog and online magazine Etoday. Faktrum - a collection of short fun facts on a variety of topics, from show business before the invention, from history to wildlife.A Internet magazine Etoday (incidentally, retained the third position), as well as news blog in the photo publishes current events and the latest news in the photos, telling about the interesting and unusual.

This category infotainment blogs are popular blogs LJ user ibigdan, teh_nomad, asaratov and drugoi .Three of them - ibigdan, drugoi and teh_nomad - included in the ranking and a half years ago.During this time, the blog ibigdan dropped from second place to sixth, blog teh_nomad remained in fourth place, with each magazine and fifth place down to ninth.A blog asaratov in the top 10 and a half years ago, I was not included.

still here from rating and project Lifehacker.ru (except down to the line below).Life hacking - are useful tips and tricks for all occasions, allowing to "crack" a life that is as simple as possible to achieve their objectives by using special techniques and methods.Readers go to Lifehacker.ru of tips to help make life easier.

is the fifth line rating project Snob - is both an electronic version of the Russian magazine "Snob" and discussion platform.Unlike other projects included in the ten most popular blogs, "Snob" - this site is not for the average Internet user.Pozitsoniruet project itself as an international community of Russian-speaking professionals and intellectuals.There is no limit on geography, age, degree of knowledge and beliefs, but some, shall we say, the intellectual level of participation in the project is necessary.The project also informative and even somewhat entertaining - but not for a wider audience.

Finally, closes the ranking blog Alexei Navalny , well-known political and public figure.Perhaps its socio-political blog dilutes components TOP infotainment projects.But one can not discount the fact that Navalny has become almost an odious figure, so that part of his blog readers perceive it as entertaining - after all, everyone has their own understanding of the entertainment.

Some popular blogs ranked in the top 10 and a half years ago, lost their positions.This is a live magazines famous designer Artemy Lebedev (tema), journalist Natalia Radulov (radulova), blogger Lyubov Kuznetsova (katoga) and blog uborshizzza .Blog Lebedev is now 20 minutes (was 6th) blog Radulov - 36th (he was 10th) blog Kathog - 38 minutes (was 9th) blog uborshizzza - 134th.

As you can see, some have remained popular blogs in the ranking, some of his leave to make room new but the overall trend remained the same : take a beautiful picture or photo, add it to the information from time to time dilute funny videosand tips - and may, with due diligence, you can get into the pantheon of popular blogs infotainment topics.Because of the storm which raged nor in real life, Internet users want in the first place to relax and recharge your positive .

Popular blogs: blogs Runet rating