New Twitter: redesign Back in December 2011, the developers presented a new design of Twitter - easier than the old, but at the same time more functional.Its full implementation took several weeks, but the majority of users have already appreciated the updated interface.So what is the new Twitter ?When you

zaloginivaetes the site, the default home page opens .The right-hand half of it takes the tape tweets of people you follow on.Familiar button "Reply", "Retweet" and "Liked" remained in place, but there is one more innovation.

Now, photos, videos, detailed information about the tweet and chat history can be viewed directly in the tape .To do this the top right there is a link "Open" (when opening it changes to "Close"), and if there is a photo in the tweet, tweet the text will present the link "Show pictures".By clicking on the nickname his profile will be displayed in a popup window.

left is a menu consisting of several blocks : block with brief information about you (number of tweets, readers and users readable) for

m and send a tweet, a block with a list of like-minded users, the unit with current topics, as well as information unitcompanies with links to information about the service, conditions of use, and so on. n.

In terms of the content of the main page of the new Twitter is not much different from the old, but the appearance has changed.The advantage is that the new design looks the same on PC and on mobile devices - new Twitter interface mimics applications for Android, iPod Touch and iPhone .

At the top there are a number of icons to navigate between tabs.Initially, you were on the tab « Home » with house icon, you can now get acquainted with the tab « Community » (symbol @).This tab offers you a new Twitter to see who responded to your tweets (item "Feedback") or mentioned you in a tweet (item "References").Also on the "Feedback" see who is subscribed to you retvitnul your tweet or add it to your favorites.

third tab, which offers a new Twitter - is « The course » (# symbol).It has a five-point options.« Stories » - is a topical themes and stories.They appear depending on popular topics, your location, language, or social circle.It is possible to get a list of tweets on the subject of history.

« Actions » - this is a list of actions of your friends, for example, you will see whom they have added to favorites.« Close in spirit » - is a list of users that you recommend based on your reading list, and other parameters.

« Search friends » - is the ability to search for friends on Twitter or by login name and surname, as well as address book, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail & amp;Messenger, AOL.In the same tab, the new Twitter offers Invite (or several) by e-mail.

Finally, « Browse categories » - this is a list of recommended you to the popular tweeters categories: music, humor, entertainment, fashion, sports, news, Twitter, innovation, politics, arts and culture, charity.

icon with the image of man hides a drop-down menu , from which you gain access to personal messages, you have compiled lists, see "Help", the list of hot keys, settings and buttons out of your account.From this menu, you can go to your profile with information about you and your list of tweets and if you want to edit it.

Finally, to write a tweet, use the icon with the stylus (although you can do it from the corresponding block on the main page).This new Twitter is no different from the old: all the same length of a tweet is limited to 140 characters, you can still attach a photo and add to tweet your location.

In fact, the new Twitter for so very different from the old in terms of functions, changes undergone only design .He became better or worse - it is difficult to say, because everyone has their own ideas about comfort, but the owners of mobile devices certainly appreciate it, and those who sit on Twitter from a PC, are unlikely to be disappointed.