How to cash Webmoney? Create purse Webmoney - it is only "half the battle", it is always the question remains cashing Webmoney.There are many different ways to help turn virtual money into real Webmoney cash. How can cash Webmoney?

to cash Webmoney, you can resort to the usual exchange.For example, if someone needs Webmoney for settlements on the Internet (pay site hosting, shopping and so on. D.), It is possible to offer such a person exchanged 1 to 1 : it is beneficial for both sides, because of the charge Webmoneyand output Webmoney charge a commission, but in this case the Commission does not.

Unfortunately so easy and convenient way of cashing Webmoney not always available : among acquaintances who want to buy Webmoney is not, and to share with strangers scared - suddenly will be a scam?How to cash Webmoney in such a case?

One of the popular ways - output Webmoney a plastic bank card and further cash withdrawals at bank branches or ATMs.Depending on the card of the bank is to be done conclusion Webmoney, may var

y the amount of commission.

Bank Transfer - quite "exotic" among users of a method Webmoney cashing.This method is rarely used due to the stereotypes that many users believe that the transfer is very expensive, and therefore unprofitable.In fact, Webmoney cash via bank transfer - it's not more expensive than other ways to cash Webmoney.As a rule, Russian banks allow you to transfer only the titular characters WMR, which are the equivalent of Russian rubles.

addition, Webmoney cash can be via mail order , money transfer by Western Union, CONTACT, UniStream, Migom, and others. The Commission, in this case, can be 1.5-5% of the amount transferred.Transfer period will be about 2 hours.Get cash for Webmoney can be in any post office, or the corresponding section of remittances.

in special exchange offices Webmoney you can make an exchange of virtual currency for real money. Commission will be between 1% and higher.Depending on the location of these points of exchange cashing can be taken to various title signs WM: WMZ, WMR, WME, and so on. D.

Whichever method of cashing Webmoney virtual means has not been selected, , always with the utmost care to perform operations on withdrawalWebmoney .There are many scammers who want to cash in on the careless and inattentive owners Webmoney, wishing to transfer its titular characters in real currency.

So, be alerted too "generous" exchange virtual money for real : nowadays no one for a simple "thank you" will not operate.If cashing Webmoney through electronic exchange market, then be sure to study the user feedback about this exchange.

way, nothing but positive responses should raise suspicion of either Exchange hides negative feedback or custom all reviews - usually always at least a few disgruntled Exchange services, the speed of the service, or other parameters.This from the exchange, which are seen reviews of fraudulent activities, better still stay away .

How to cash Webmoney?