A new button Twitter «Read» Many owners of sites and blogs on the resources put buttons of different social services and networks to their readers could share a single mouse click found interesting information on the site with their friends on Facebook or readers on Twitter.A social services are created to meet them - such buttons and popularize the service itself.For example, recently there was a new button Twitter - «Read» ("Follow") .

new button Twitter «Read» has a slightly different function compared with other social buttons.Clicking on it, the user will automatically become your readers (followers) on Twitter (of course, if he has his own account on this site).What sense in it?So readers of your blog or website will be easier to find you on Twitter, and you can increase the number of its readers on the site.

Members button Twitter «Read" can also be useful.If people like your website / blog, he may want to find you and other resources to keep abreast of updates.But it is doubtful whether he wants to take the effort to fi

nd you and "zafollovit."A button Twitter «Read» save him from unnecessary manipulation .

How to put on your website to the new Twitter button? It's easy!In Twitter is the section "About us", and in it - a subsection "Resources", which just offers a variety of buttons and widgets.It will need to find the button.If you are too lazy to look this section - may simply follow this link.

A new button Twitter «Read»

To put a new button on the website, you have to a few simple steps .To start, enter your username on Twitter (username, nickname).Then select the background color - light (blue) or dark (black).It is desirable that the color came to the design of your website or blog.Then choose whether to show the current number of your readers next to your nickname on the button.It remains only to choose the language of a button from the drop down list (default - English, but Russian is listed).

You also available preview function - the right you can see how it will look finished button.If you are satisfied with the result, you just copy the automatically generated code and paste it in the source HTML-code for your blog or site.

But new button Twitter «Read" - is not the only key offered this service.You can also put on your website the "Tweet» , which will allow visitors to Twitter to share links to your content.Page creating buttons "Tweet" is all in the same "Resources" section.

Button Twitter «Tweet" has more settings than the "Follow" button.First, you are invited to customize the appearance of buttons , namely:

  1. Form button (meter vertical, horizontal counter, without a meter).The counter shows how many people have already click on the button and "tweet" your article or post.
  2. text , which is automatically added to the tweet of the user (by default - the title of the page on which the button, but you can enter any other text).
  3. Link , which is automatically added to the tweet of the user (by default - the title of the page on which the button, but you can enter any other link).
  4. Language button (the language of the tweet or configure user account is not affected).Available in several languages, including Russian.

Then you can optionally advise users , where Twitterers can add to his belt by sharing your post / article.It can be yourself, and someone from your contacts.Just enter the nickname of the person and a brief description in the appropriate column.This item is optional.

Now you can look at your button and try how it works .If you are satisfied with everything - copy the generated code button and paste it into the HTML-code to your blog or website.

new button Twitter «Read" will help increase the number of readers on Twitter - and readers really interested in what you write .A button "Tweet" - a great way to increase the popularity of your blog and website.

A new button Twitter «Read»