Configuring Remote Desktop Sometimes remote access to the desktop PC can be very necessary, like when you forgot to copy an important document on the stick.Configuring Remote Desktop helps you quickly and without difficulty to solve this problem. How do you configure the Remote Desktop?

Run setup Remote Desktop can be both built-in operating system Windows, and through third-party applications.Consider the example of setting Remote Desktop computers with Windows 7 .

All you need to configure remote desktop - it actually turning on the computer to which you want to access, and an active Internet connection.Next - business equipment.

In Windows 7, there are two modes of remote access to PCs : Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop.Connecting to a Remote Assistance possible for all versions of Windows, starting with Windows XP, and Remote Desktop is only supported in Windows 7 (to give access to remote control can only Professional or Ultimate editions of the operating system).

When connecting the remote assistant both users, local and remote, can see the desktop and work with him.In the case of remote control work simultaneously with the PC can only be one user: a local PC user sees a screen lock (t. E. Exits the system) and a remote user logs into the system and get full access to the PC as if itI sat directly on the computer.

Configuring Remote Desktop: Remote Assistance connection

To start you need to connect to a desktop PC from remote computers.To do this, go to the Control Panel, select System and Security, then - click System.This opens a window view information about your computer, where the user is located on the left menu.In this menu you should choose Configure Remote Access.In the window that should be allowed to connect Remote Assistance.

When access is allowed, must run on the local and remote PC program "Remote Assistance Windows» (Start - All Programs - Services - Remote Assistance Windows).Now we should create a computer at the called invitation - for this you need to select "Invite the person to whom you trust to help."Next, the program prompts you to select one of the suitable options Invitations: save a file, recovering by e-mail, use the Easy Connect (if available for remote assistance).

Whatever you choose invitations, the program tells you the password by typing which remote users have access to the desktop. remote user must now start the invitation file or select Connect Easy Connect - will be prompted for a password.After entering the password, the connection will be initiated and if done right, the configuration of Remote Desktop is complete, and after confirmation on the remote computer a request to connect a remote user can see at a PC remote desktop (full screen).

Configuring Remote Desktop: Remote control

To configure Remote Desktop , is necessary, as in the case of remote setup assistant, open the System Properties window (Control Panel - System and Security - System - Setting up remote access).Then choose the option to connect to the remote desktop of the three submitted (first - do not allow).If you want to connect to your PC desktop from computers running different versions of Windows, you should select option 2, and if your remote computer and running Windows 7, you need version №3.

Next to connect the remote control should be run "Connecting Remote Desktop» (Start - All Programs - Accessories).In the window on the "General" tab, enter the name of the remote computer and the user name.On the other tabs, you can configure the remote control.Then, the connection settings can be saved as a separate file.

Upon completion of all settings is to click "Connect" and in response to a request to enter the required password.Now you can work with the remote computer's desktop as a full person.

Configuring Remote Desktop