Gravatar: a globally recognized avatar At present, almost every Internet user has his own blog or micro-blog, as well as an account in one of the most popular social networking forum account, and so on.. In all these cases, the user is often necessary to use an avatar - a special imagewhich represents it in the network.There is a special service of global avatars - Gravatar .

Gravatar (gravatar) - an online service that allows you to create a global picture , t. E. An avatar that can be used on multiple sites.The only limitation on the application can be no gravatar-enabled the service on some sites.

To create your own gravatar , you need to complete a simple registration process on the site registering you must provide your e-mail and click the "Register", then this e-mail will receive a letter with a link to confirm your registration.

To continue using the service gravatar need in the form that enter a user name, password come up to my account.After you save your entries, you can proceed to download the image for

the avatar.

to gravatar image can be selected on the hard disk of your computer, download from the Internet, connected to a computer with a webcam.Choosing a suitable method for downloading images, is follow the simple instructions.

So, to load the image from your computer, simply click "Browse" to select the dialog box the desired image file, and then click "Next".To download images from the Internet for gravatar, you need to specify the URL address field of the image (for example,, then it should also click "Next".

the next step, the image can be "cut off", giving it the desired look .If the appearance of the image is satisfactory, press the button "Finish".You must then select a category created gravatar.

gravatar rated G can be displayed on websites with any audience, gravatar rated PG may contain rude gestures, or offensive language, to portray people in skimpy clothes or show moderate cruelty.Rating R to assign gravatar, which contain scenes of violence, abuse, depict naked human body.For gravatars showing sex scenes and scenes of extreme cruelty, select rating X .

Gravatar ready.For one address e-mail can use several gravatars, voluntarily changing their .Enough on the menu of your account select the "My gravatar" and click on the link «add a new image».Upload a new image should be similar to the first.

If a user account on uploaded several images, then select one of them, simply click on the image with the left mouse button.To confirm your choice, press the button «Confirm» in the popup window.

In some cases, may be required for their activities in the Internet addresses of several e-mail. Add additional address to your gravatar very simple .You must click on the link «add a new e-mail», in the window that opens, enter the address and click "Add".At the specified address will receive a letter with acknowledgment.

Service Gravatar is very useful in cases where you need to personalize your posts on the forums or blog comments.This gravatar does not necessarily have to include a personal photo of the owner, as a gravatar may make any images.However, it is better not to abuse the popular images from the Internet, because personality - this is something for which and created gravatar .

Gravatar: a globally recognized avatar