What is a P2P network? With the development of the internet we are able to share all kinds of information, if not immediately, then very quickly.There are many ways to share files with other Internet users, but the most popular one - it P2P networks .What is a file-sharing P2P network?

P2P - an abbreviation of the English expression "peer-to-peer" , which can be translated as "equal - to equal".They are called peer, decentralized or peering networks.

What is the difference from conventional P2P network sharing? In the case of file sharing, all data stored on the server, from which users can download their .If a file is deleted from the server or the server will be for some reason is not available, access to this information from users, of course, is no more.In addition, the download speed is limited bandwidth and server load on it.

The P2P network such a server.The necessary files are stored on users' computers to "share drives" folder (open to public access). and any computer can act as both a client (download information

) or as a server (giving information) .File can swing when the fragments from several sources.This increases the speed of downloading.

now often used so-called hybrid (partially decentralized) P2P network .In such networks, the server is present, but it is not used for storing information, and for coordinating the network.The network combines pure P2P-speed network and the reliability of the centralized network.At the moment, the two most popular peer to peer network protocol used in P2P networks - is BitTorrent and Direct Connect .

P2P networks: the protocol BitTorrent

When exchanging files through the protocol BitTorrent downloaded files are transferred parts.Downloading a file using a special software (torrent-client), you are at the same time give it to other customers on the principle "you me - I told you."

to coordinate file sharing has a specialized server - torrent tracker .He needed to peers (network members) to find each other.Typically, the tracker stores hash sum (file identifiers), IP-addresses and ports incoming customers.But often the torrent tracker is also a site with information about the distributed files (description, metadata, etc.) and the number of peers, the statistics of downloads.

Some trackers for the observance of the basic principle of P2P network ("you give me - I give you") there is a rating system .Taken into account the ratio of the information downloaded, and to give the user.If the amount of downloaded data is much higher than the number given away, the rating will be low, and the ability to download to the user will be limited.

most popular torrent clients - is the official client BitTorrent, uTorrent, BitComet, KTorrent, Deluge, Transmission, Vuze (Azureus) and others.

P2P networks: protocol Direct Connect

Direct Connect protocol often used in local areaNetworks .To download in DC network, you need to install special client and connect to one or more DC-hubs.In this P2P network acts as a hub server.Connect to it, you will see a list of connected users will be able to search for shared files and, of course, to download them.

File Search is carried out on the hash sum so even if the file is renamed, it will not affect its download (in the case of torrent file renaming causes the system ceases to "see").Files, again, can swing from several sources.

addition, DC hubs typically have general chat and the ability to instant personal messages , DC so that the client can be used not only for file sharing, but also to communicate with other users of the P2P network.

most popular DC clients - is different descendants client DC ++, in particular, StrongDC ++, ApexDC ++, FlylinkDC ++, GreyLink, EiskaltDC ++ and others.

P2P networks - quite a convenient way to share files.But, alas, in such networks is practically impossible to trace copyright infringement, because the files are stored at all, and at the same time, in fact, none. File Distribution - only on the conscience of members of the P2P network .

What is a P2P network?