LiveLib - social network of readers Social networks are no longer a rarity, and become part of our life.Furthermore networks 'global' and appeared more specialized networks - for professionals and like-minded people with the same interests.These networks also applies LiveLib - a social network for book lovers.

project LiveLib ( Living Library ) combines the club of reading personal bookshelf and blog readers, as well as an information resource.Here you can find reviews of the interesting work or share your reviews, get acquainted with quotations from books and biographies of writers, create your own list of books read and chat with like-minded people.

To evaluate all the possibilities offered by the network LiveLib, you need to register. The registration process is quite simple to LiveLib : you need to specify your e-mail address, to come up with a login and password.All other data is optional.Press up - and here you are a member LiveLib.

C Where to start? you can begin to lead your reader's diary - a list of books read .To add a book to the list, click on the link "Add a book" in your profile on LiveLib.Use the site search: Enter the name in the search box or the author or ISBN number and click Find.

In the search results, click on the plus sign next to the book .You can select the status of the book (I want to read, I read now, already read), a copy of which you have (paper books, audio books, e-book), tags (choose from proposed or add your own).You can add personal notes to the book, which will see only you, or bring it to your favorites.

If your desired book is not listed, you can add it to themselves LiveLib .It can be added manually or imported ozone.If you decide to manually add, read the rules for adding books to the site.Note that if you're new to the site (that is, just sign up for LiveLib), add books you can not yet.

To books on LiveLib can add a review, evaluate and comment on the reviews of other users .Only Treat writing reviews responsibly, otherwise it may send in section Neformat.If your response, in your opinion, for a full review does not pull, but more like a little chaotic collection of impressions, you can add it to the "History" section.You can also add your favorite quotes from the books.

LiveLib But not only helps to maintain a list of books read - here you can also find something to read .The site has ratings of the best books (the most popular book, the TOP 100 most highly regarded books, ratings of the best books on the year), lists of new books, lists to film works, as well as lists of books, compiled as part of flash mobs, which some users recommend other LiveLibsomething to read.

LiveLib Also on the site you can find biographies of the authors, to make selections and "antipodborki" books (personal and collective). to communicate there is a forum, and users with similar interests can add friends .LiveLib cooperates with publishers and bookstores, conducts an interview with the author, organizes various kinds of competitions and giveaways books.

Note only one - on LiveLib read books online is impossible, the site is not an electronic library .Buy the book here, too, will fail.But people always tell you where you can get a particular book, besides, in the description of many publications are links to stores where you can buy books in paper or electronic form.The motto of the project

LiveLib - « We retain knowledge! ».This is a social network for those who love to read and share their experiences with like-minded people from reading.

LiveLib - social network of readers