Search Google Images Imagine you find a picture with the beautiful scenery and want to know what this place is.Or there was the need to "recognize" a plant or animal on the picture.Now, if you can in the search engine as a request to use the picture ... But it is possible - thanks to such features as search picture Google .

Search Google Images lets use photographs as a search query .You load an image into the search box Google, and if the search engine "understands" what it is depicted in the search results you will see information about the subject you are interested in.

To use the image search Google, you need to go to a page to download and you are interested in a photo or image into the search box .There are four ways to do this:

  • Click the camera icon to the right edge of the search string, select «Download» , click "Browse" and select the image from a folder on your computer.

  • Click the camera icon to the right edge of the search string, select «Show link» in an empty field, copy the URL of
    your image (get the address of the image on the Internet, you can, by clicking on it, right click and selecting the appropriate option from the contextmenu).

  • If you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can install a special supplement .Then, in the context menu of images available about clicking the right mouse button menu option "Search Google with this image" («Use the search picture Google»).

  • method drag and drop : just drag and drop the image from your computer or website in a search string.This method works in Google Chrome and Firefox 3.0 and higher.

How does image search Google? Google uses a special computer vision techniques to match your downloaded image with other images from the search index and other image sources.

On the basis of this comparison, Google generates results , which include similar images, and text information about the image of the object (if the search engine was able to identify the object).

way, search results page will be different from that which is generated by searching the text query.At the top of the page you will see a thumbnail image for which to search.

If the system is unable to find text description for your pictures , a thumbnail will read "Most likely, the picture [object name]" and a few links to the most popular sites that can be found for this request.

Let's say you upload a photo of Notre Dame Cathedral.Under the inscription is a miniature "Most likely, the picture of Notre Dame."And the words "Notre Dame" will be a reference.If you click it, you will be redirected to the page standard Google search for that term .Under

text search results will block Similar Images (to see all the proposed images, click on the link), even lower - a list of pages with the appropriate images.

At the bottom of the page can also be block links to similar searches .Usually it has in the case if the search engine has more than one version of what is shown in your picture, if you do not have liked the main hunch may suit some of the extra.

Search Google Images available in most popular browsers : all versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 and above, Internet Explorer version 8 or higher, Safari 5.0 or higher.But in the Opera browser, this is a useful option, unfortunately, is not available.