social network VKontakte - the most popular among users Runet.But what if you broke your page, and you can not come into contact?

Why can not I come in contact?How can I hack this site?

There are several ways to crack Contact:

  • rough hacking
  • «phishing»
  • «fake»

Rough hacking - it is a way of breaking through password guessing to the page in the VC.For this purpose, there are special programs that enumerates all the possible options for numeric and alphabetic passwords.The only way to protect against such a program - a complicated and long password.The longer and more complex the password, the longer it takes the hacker to hack your page.As a rule, if within 5-10 hours the program is not to guess the password, then tinker with your page will not be.Therefore, select the password, the length of which will be at least 10 characters.

Phishing (from the English. Fishing - fishing) aims to extract your password via email and bogus websites.To start hackers buy a domain name, the address of whi

ch will be very similar to and you change one letter in the address, it is not every user will immediately notice the substitution.Created by a hacker site will not differ from the original.Then, through a database of email addresses going delivery on behalf of the administration of the site, if you a man left a message.To read it is necessary to go through such a link, and you are given a fake address of the site.Naturally, you specify your username and password from the personal pages, but in return get a message that you have entered the wrong data.And so on to infinity.And only after a while you notice that the site address has an error.But too late: the hacker all the data on your personal page.

Fake (Eng. Fake - it put fake) - the most common method of hacking.For example, you receive a letter with the report that one of your friends left a message on the wall.See it possible, using such a link.You, of course, pass on this link to your page.Everything!We can assume that your page in VK hacked.The fact that the links that you have used, will lead you to a page that has nothing to do with VKontakte.And after a while you get a message that your page does spam and she was locked ...

We will not scare this way is possible only if your system is infected with Trojan.This virus will make some changes in the file hosts, and you will be taken to a front page.You know what to pick up a Trojan is not so difficult.The meaning of such a setup is that the address of the site remains the same, and IP-address will point to the forged page.

compromised accounts VK - what to do?

Perform the following steps:

  • install a new version of the antivirus
  • check for Trojans
  • check the file hosts (it is located here: C: \\ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc. Open it with notepad. There shouldbe only one entry localhost All other remove)
  • change passwords for mail and pages Bk (most likely been compromised not only your page in a social network, but also e-mail)
  • check the settings of mail and delete functionautomatic delivery of letters, if you do not set
  • clean your browser's cache

browser cache so clean:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools - & gt;Options - & gt;General - & gt;Browsing History - & gt;Delete - & gt;Temporary Internet Files - & gt;Delete files;
  • Firefox: Tools - & gt;Settings - & gt;Advanced - & gt;Network - & gt;Cash - & gt;Clear Now;
  • Opera: Tools - & gt;Settings - & gt;Advanced - & gt;History - & gt;Diskovyykesh - & gt;Clear Now.

If your password is cracked in Vkontakte and the page is locked, you can restore your account on the mobile phone number that is linked to your profile.If you do not remember to what number it is linked, or are no longer using them, you will have to fill out a questionnaire, which specify the reason for the denial of access, ID page and your passport details.You also need to send a scanned color version of your ID card.Do not forget to take a picture, which will depict you and fill in the questionnaire for the restoration of access to the monitor screen.Do not think that the access to the page in the VC immediately reinstated.Because each profile is considered the site administrator, will have to wait 2-3 weeks until the e-mail will be sent a new password.