Mitsubishi Outlander XL New Design Car Mitsubishi Outlander combines elegant style and sports motifs.Take a look at this eye catching masculine "face" of the car and stylish rear combination lamps.

tubular roof rails and rear spoiler with integrated stop lamp add ¬ęSports" features into the design Outlander.


Outlander has a very strong and rigid body , but it is also equipped with the most advanced active safety systems that help prevent an accident such as:
  • Full Time 4WD (permanent all-wheel drive);

  • provides better traction control and high driving stability on slippery roads;

  • anti-lock brakes (ABS);

  • integrated with electronic brake force distribution (EBD).

But if the accident had occurred, the strong safety cage body is made of high-strength steel , will protect you and your family.

high level of passive safety is also achieved with the help of airbags and 3-point seat belts and head restraints for the driver and all passengers.

For safety youngest passengers in the Outlander provides lock rear door locks , as well as mounting ISOFIX for child seats, which allow you to be calm for the children along the way.


Outlander, equipped with a sophisticated independent suspension (front MacPherson-type, rear - multi-link), provides a combination of a smooth, comfortable ride and stability in the city, the lack of swing body on country roads.

combination of independent suspension all wheels and very hard body gives the Outlander unmatched ease of control, stability and ride comfort, the inherent good "sport" is universal.

Mitsubishi Outlander XL New Transmission Outlander - Full Time 4WD (permanent all-wheel drive) with a center differential, viscous coupling locking - allows you to use all the advantages of all-wheel drive vehicle and does not require adjustment of your driving style.

salon car salon easily transformed due to a number of emerging rear seat that increases the volume of the luggage piece to the 1691 liter.

The large luggage compartment causes versatility imported Mitsubishi Outlander XL.Interior made with foreign soft finishing materials.Front panel and steering wheel trimmed with leather .

model is equipped with a 7-inch display , for which the information is transferred from the on-board computer and a rearview camera .

Mitsubishi Outlander XL New

Specifications Mitsubishi Outlander XL New

Price class Comfort Sport Sport Sport
option S09 S11 S12 S12
Engine gasoline electronic injection gasoline electronic injection, MIVEC
volume, l. 2,0 2,4
Power, hp / rev / min 136/6000 160/5750
Max.torque Nm / rpm 176/4500
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km
Urban cycle 12,4 (12,5)
Country Cycle 7,6 (7,7)
Combined cycle
9,4 (9,5)
0-100 km / h, with 11,4 11,2
Volume of a fuel tank, l 60
maximum speed, km / h 192
Length mm 4545
1750 1780
Height mm
Wheelbase mm 2625
Ground clearance, mm 195
Min.turning radius, m 5,7
independent, MacPherson type with antiroll
independent, multi-link with antiroll

front ventilated disc
215/55 215/60 215/60
Transmission / Chassis
Manual Transmission
+ +
Automatic Transmission INVECS-II with Sport Mode + +
Permanent all-wheel drive (the center differential and viscous coupling) + + + +
Utilities (ABS + EBD)
+ + + +
Steel wheels 16 "with caps
Alloy wheels 17" + + +
Power mirrors heated + + + +
Front fog lights + + +
exterior mirror housings in body color + + +
handrails on the roof (max.load 80kg.)
+ + + +
Audiopreparation (antenna, 4 speakers) + + + +
Air +
Climate control + + +
Front.and collapsible rear windows + + + +
Heated front seats + + + +
steering wheel trim, backstage gearshift, handbrake handle + + +
2 front airbags + + + +
2 side airbags + + +
2 additional speakers + + +
Locking + immobilizer + + + +
leather interior trim